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Prophecy 302 You Shall Be With ME Forever!

Updated: Oct 23

Given to Prophet דוד בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on December 25th, 2019 in the year of our LORD

Kislev 27, 5780 starting at 12:03 AM

Prophetic Message


Speak MY words forth! I’M here with you now MY son, MY children. Hear ME now. The trials that are coming shall be demanding of you spiritually. I’M testing your fruit. Whether you belong to ME and I shall say this, you shall not be deceived but shall know what to do when the time comes.

Give your will to ME and listen to your FATHER and all instructions to do (follow instructions). For this is the training grounds—the stomping grounds—before the real, the true. I shall tell you children that you all belong to ME. And still, shall be the tests, the tests shall come.

For the proof must be there. The proof is in the pudding. Be full of pudding. For I’M tasting your fruit. And if you will allow ME to do all the things in you that I desire to do, if you only allow in every test, ME to manifest. And know this, how I love you. Each test, is for your own good. Specifically designed for you MY children to bring forth to elicit the best in you, MY SON in you.

Trust ME. Will you trust ME? MY children, know this, I’M truly pleased with you. And there are things that must be carved and shaven. You are green trees bearing good fruit. Never doubt, never let anyone challenge this.

But what I AM seeking from you, is for you to be sound of mind in your heart. Sound of heart in all that you do. Your thoughts pure, your thoughts pure of ME. And MY intentions with both with you and with all of others to know that I have a future and a hope for you and an expectation shall come! Even all the things that I’VE told of you, simply speak to ME all that is on your hearts, that you request of ME, desire of ME to deliver you from.

Give to ME. Share with ME that which burdens you. That which is burdening you. For you are to be light. To soar, high in the sky - the heavens above and over the storms that shall come. (I see a vision of YESHUA STANDING on the stairs and HE says “take MY hand”.) So will you allow ME by trusting in ME in every situation? To manifest in you. And fulfill MY words that which I am telling you (the things I AM telling you).

MY children hear ME clearly! Let me live MY life through you to the glory of MY name! Manifest in each and every day to take you to the heights above. Will you dwell...for you dwell above, in the heavens above. For forever you will be with ME. For forever you will be with ME. And MY son you must go forward with your eyes focused on ME. And allow MY work to be quickly done. For I AM taking you to a higher level, a new level which requires more of you of greater discipline.

For you to listen and obey all that I speak. So allow ME to speak to you and do not run from ME that you will not go astray. Listen to all the things that I teach. For I’M pouring out on each of you each and every day good things, treasures of Heaven. And allow ME to speak to your hearts and to your minds.

And this tests you shall pass. You shall be found to be more than overcomers. But are you listening MY children? For listening also requires action. For the difference between hearing and listening is that listening you do. And not one word fell to the ground that I told you MY children.

For I give you good things. But obedience is greater than sacrifice. And I’M telling you, where you are going where you dwell in the heights is where you all shall dwell. But obedience MY children! Be obedient MY children in all that I AM telling you. For a time shall come where it may demand your life where whether you are being obedient to ME. If you see something, say something.

For you are MY eyes, and ears, and MY mouth. MY body, MY children. So work in unity. Be unified in ME. And be connected together by the HOLY SPIRIT’S anointed glue. For this I tell you, for nothing shall break these links. For that is why I call you eternal links. Eternally together. Unbroken. Chosen. I shall tell your enemies to kiss the chosen less they perish in the way. For they come against MY bride to be!

For all of you MY children are hand chosen. And you’re sold to ME, sold out for ME MY children, MY chosen (MY Bride). And there is no time for delay.

For the time has come to be totally focused, lest you miss your way. Ask ME each day, “What can I do for you?” For I bring strength unto you. And each and every day, ask for that strength, abide in MY strength. Depend upon MY strength! And do MY will not your own.

And all things shall be well with you. I’M sowing the anointing, follow the anointing. For I’M instructing you in the way that you should go. Incline your ear to wisdom and [in] wisdom you shall all dwell.

I AM calling! Incline your ear to wisdom’s call. I AM calling. Take MY lead. And only victory you shall see. For to all of you MY children.

End of Word


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