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Prophecy 309 MY Ways Are Higher Than Your Ways MY Children

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 24th September, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5782, 28th of Elul

Prophetic Message


MY ways are higher than your ways MY children. As far as the Heavens are from the Earth. As far as the East is from the West. Yet, MY children, I say, hold onto MY ways. Hold onto MY words. Have the mind of your MESSIAH YESHUA; the mind your FATHER YEHOVAH has graciously given you. There’s no other mind to overcome. It is your FATHER YEHOVAH’S mind. The mind of ELOHIM. You bring every high thought low to the obedience of your MASHIACH YESHUA.

You hold every thought captive unto ELOHIM. Falter not in this. Be diligent, for the enemy prowls around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Let him not find your lurking about in his territory, outside your FATHER YEHOVAH’S wings. Caught up in your own world, in your own “things”.

Shall you cast aside Shalom MY children, for shenanigans every other day? Shall you not hold onto the good, this good way that daily I reveal, I show you? Be solid in I your MOTHER URIYAH, in your FATHER YEHOVAH The ALMIGHTY!

Ye are OUR champions WE await. But how long shall WE wait? Let US not wait any longer! Come forth and shine for The Glory of YEHOVAH your FATHER and MY GOD!!! Let your light so shine forth upon this Earth! That is the Light of your BELOVED FATHER YEHOVAH, which HE created in you. The Light HE so cultivates that it may sprout forth, beam forth for HIS Glory.

Your BELOVED FATHER is tender and attentive. Knows what each needs and provides it in HIS appointed time. HE trims and HE prunes each according to its need. There’s none more attentive than HE to a creature’s need. HIS creation is beautiful, and all stand at attention before THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED is HE. All, all attend to HIS call. Be ye not as a Vashti MY children in your hearts. Not to any degree. Not in anything. Be always yielding in all things. Selah.

End of Word

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