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Prophecy 313 I Who Watch Over the Land of Yisrael Neither Slumbers nor Sleeps

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on 14-15,22,28th October, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5784, 29-30th of Tishrei – 7,13th

Prophetic Message


Yeah, I send forth MY fire ahead of ME. I send forth the fire of destruction upon the nations. Yeah, all those that will touch MY nation, עם ישראל [am Yisrael – nation of Israel]. Yes, the very apple of MINE eye, this MY beloved. I shall strike and I shan’t relent. The nations shall feel the fierceness of the wrath of the ALMIGHTY like they have never felt before. They shall feel MY rage! As I rage forth avenging the blood of MY slain that cry out before MY THRONE for vengeance upon all those that have taken that which it was never given them to take. I alone AM JUDGE. And I stand among the nations this day to JUDGE.

Who shall support the land of Yisrael? Who shall stand against it? I AM is watching and taking note. Yes, the record is being kept before ME. I have sent out the scribe, MY scribe among the nations to take note, and after him, cometh the sword. Yeah, those that it’ll slay. For as ye have slain without mercy therefore, from the same hand shall ye receive retribution without mercy. Do ye think to rise up against the MOST-HIGH GOD and HE remaineth silent? Do you think to win against the HOLY ONE of Yisrael? Do ye think to take up HIS nation and divide as ye wish? HE who sets the borders of the nations? Therefore, the sword is in thy land, o man, king, whomever that standeth to divide MY עם ישראל [am Yisrael – nation of Israel].

Disease and pestilence is at the door. Yeah, as ye have cursed Yisrael in your hearts and wished her destruction, therefore, the LORD GOD YEHOVAH, THE ALMIGHTY has decreed thee for a curse and for destruction. Your posterity after you shall not prosper. Nay but HE shall bring them unto destruction and HIS KINGDOM they shall not enter. Hear ye o ye evil nations! Hear ye, hearken this day unto אל יהוה [EL YEHOVAH – GOD YEHOVAH], the HIGHEST!

I have sent forth MY Love. Yes, through MY SON, YESHUA, to redeem the world, the nations and the tribes. But do they care? They could care less! Do they care GOD came down in the form of a babe and shed blood for them? Do they care that I, the GREAT GOD I AM, AM come down, and AM taking note? I the same GOD that rained down destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities.

For they had raised the ire of the HOLY ONE of Yisrael by their inhumanity to their fellow man and even beast alike. They were unto beasts before ME in their conduct. For beasts are better than they for they are dumb and know no better. But these I held accountable. Yes, and this seed of Esau hater of brother I shall hold accountable. Yes, Amalek, I shall destroy from this MY Earth! It shall no more in the Earth rise up against MY beloved, against MY chosen!

I who watch over the Land of Yisrael לא יבנה ולא ישן [lo yivneh, velo yishan – do not slumber nor sleep]. Yes, neither do I grow tired. I keep watch in the watches of the night. I keep watch by day. And yeah, I call all, all unto Repentance this day in the Land of Israel and all over the world. For indeed the wrath of the ALMIGHTY is destined unto the world and the works of hasatan thereof. But ye MY people I desire to save! I desire to deliver you! For MY wrath is not meant for thee MY beautiful creation. Yes, if only you will hearken unto MY voice in MY prophets that I send you, that I have sent you and that I will send you.

Innocent blood is shed in the land, MY holy land. Yes, shed through hatred and zeal for a foreign god. A god that is no god at all. A lie. An illusion of illusions. And hatred has blinded the hearts of many. It has made their hearts fat, heavy, laden with wickedness, the juice of the evil one. I have mixed MY cup and they did not drink of it. But the enemy of thine souls mixed his, and they drunk it to the last drop. Therefore, are they drunk with hatred and the spirit of murder. They see not their left from their right. Evil seed I call them. And destruction as unto Amalek I have determined against them. They shan’t enter MY KINGDOM even to the tenth generation. Amen. Sayeth I YEHOVAH.

Wherefore rejecteth thee MY Light o ye nations? Therefore, the darkness covereth thee! For the light ye did not desire to shine upon thee! For to come unto the Light did ye not come that your deeds be exposed. Therefore, the sun shall be darkened unto thee! And ye shall no longer enjoy the bounty of MY Earth anymore! Yeah, your planting, your sowing will be as a breach birth, dead on arrival! And ye shall hunger and thirst but ye shall not be filled! Amen.

MY army cometh against thee, before them is as the Garden of Eden, behind them is a desert! Yeah, the rivers and the streams are dried up! Before them the sun shineth in the brightness of its strength but behind them is as gloom and darkness. Yeah, there is no longer joy and mirth! It’s only sorrow and despair and destruction, that covers all ye that curse Israel, MY nation. Yeah, this is your portion. And this MY army, are MY 7.

The enemies deceive themselves that they can touch MY Yisrael and themselves go untouched by MY wrath and Judgment. For there is no nation on the face of the Earth that touched MY Yisrael and went scot-free! Retribution they paid as a nation and with the same hand they touched MY Yisrael, so too with the same force they were apportioned! הללו יה [Hallelu YAH – Praise YAH]!

Therefore, learn ye nations whomever touches MY עם ישראל [am Yisrael – nation of Israel] and know: ye shall be accursed in your coming in and in your going out. Yes, you shall be cursed in your kneading bowl. The fruit of thy wombs and the fruit of the womb of thy animals shall be accursed. Yes, ye shall be accursed in everything ye touch and do. Fear shall be your constant companion and ye shall have no peace. When it is day ye shall desire the night and when it is night ye shall desire but the morning but there shall be no rest nor comfort for your souls. Ye shall un hunger and thirst. Your enemies shall rule over you and ye shall not be able to overcome them. What you do unto MY עם ישראלע [am Yisrael – nation of Israel] shall be returned into your bosom pressed down, shaken together and overflowing; yea, even 7 fold, 1000 fold, yeah as I YEHOVAH GOD of Yisrael see fit.

The sky shall be as unto iron above you and the Earth as unto brass and there’s nothing ye shall produce from thence. Diseases shall cleave unto thee as second skin and ye shall not be able to escape your fate. Yes, everything before you shall fall into shambles. You will not be able to recognise your left from your right and trouble shall be all around. Yeah, because ye touched MY עם ישראל [am Yisrael – nation of Israel]! MY beloved! Whom only I know how to chastise!

But ye evil ones, seek to steal MY crown! Ye seek to annihilate MY nation, MY chosen city from the face of the Earth and claim it for yourselves. But ye forget, it is written, it is your bodies that’ll be destroyed in the destruction! It is your dead and wounded bodies that the birds of the air, the beasts of the land and the creeping things that will devour; have a fill of your bodies. הללו יה [Hallelu YAH – Praise YAH]!

The destruction of the wicked shall be ultimate. Yisrael, MY Yisrael, I call upon you to fall on your knees! Fall on your faces before ME that I may devour, destroy once and for all, all your enemies forever! Cleave to ME, I, YEHOVAH! Cleave to MY ways! Hear o Yisrael, I YEHOVAH your GOD, I YEHOVAH AM אחד [ECHAD – ONE]. I YEHOVAH, KEEPER of Yisrael. ואהבתם את יהוה אלוהיכם בכל לבבכם ובכל נפשכם ובכל מאודכם [Ye shall love I YEHOVAH your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength].

I charge you this day O Yisrael to keep the Shema as ye recite it before you every day! Where is the love for אלוהיכם [ELOHEICHEM – your GOD]? Where is the zeal for השם [HASHEM – THE LORD]? Where is the fire, the passion for the MOST HIGH, I, YEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY? For I YEHOVAH GOD of Yisrael!

For behold as ye swore at Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal and all Heaven and Earth was witness that day, I charge you this day! Lo and behold, the curses cleave unto thee because MY statutes as I commanded you through MY servant Moshe, that humble man, ye have not been careful to keep. But ye have gone awhoring after other gods like unto the nations. That in your land oh Yisrael there are those that do not believe in I the GREAT I AM! Yeah, ye parade yourselves in shame with your gay parades there in MY Holy Land! Therefore, the land spews you out!

Avraham’s example ye do not keep who stood in the gap for Sodom and Gomorrah before the ALMIGHTY for his kin, Lut [Lot]. Where art thou Oh Yisrael? Where is the nationwide repentance and turning back unto השם [HASHEM – THE LORD]? איפה התשובה [Eifo hateshuvah – where is the repentance]? Where are MY Holy crying out in the land for a return unto the Ancient Paths that I commanded your fathers?

Behold I shall strike thee on thy left and thy right cheek till ye acknowledge thy iniquities and rebellions before ME, I the GREAT I AM, יהוה צבאות [YEHOVAH TSVAOT – YEHOVAH of HOSTS]! I have poured much tears for the nation Yisrael but more and more ye want to look like the world. Therefore, is one from the world soon come unto you with lying words between his teeth. Yea, he sayeth unto thee, peace! Peace! Yet he snareth thee to take thee captive to put up the abomination of desolation there in ארץ ישראל [arets Yisrael – the land of Israel]. Yeah, there in ירושלים [Yerushalayim – Jerusalem], MY once holy city! [ELOHIM weeps]

And how many shall be captivated and held captive by his illusions? There in ארץ ישראל [arets Yisrael – the land of Israel]? Yeah, but I YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY knoweth they that are MINE! Yeah, and I shall avenge MYSELF on all the enemies of I, THE GREAT I AM, יהוה צבאות [YEHOVAH TSVAOT – YEHOVAH of HOSTS]! For MY Blood, MY Precious SON’S Blood ye have trampled under feet. But I shall require it at all ye rebellious in MY ארץ ישראל [arets Yisrael – the land of Israel].

Yeah, but all those that to ME cleave, unto these I shall shew great mercy and compassion! Indeed, yeah, indeed, they shall surely enter MY rest and have entered MY rest all those that unto the GREAT I AM have cleaved with all their hearts, souls, minds, body and strength! הללו יה [Hallelu YAH]!

For faithful AM I to keep covenant and uphold it with all MY righteous in the Earth. Yeah, forever more AM faithful. Amen. None who put their trust in I the GREAT I AM will ever or have ever been disappointed! MY truth reigneth from generation unto generation everlasting. Amen.

Yisrael, where art thou? I AM is waiting.

End of Word

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