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Prophecy 317 Song of the Twenty Four Elders

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of July 6th, 2023 from the Twenty Four Elders

Prophetic Message

Elders round about HIS throne, casting crowns upon the ground.

Twenty Four utterances

A voice of one

To exalt the HOLY ONE, blessed is HE, have they been brought near

One, round about HIS throne, lifts up his voice and proclaims,

"Laud and honor the HOLY ONE! Blessed is HE! The Great and Mighty EL is to be feared! Stand in the fear of ELOHIM, righteous and true!"

In procession they come to give gifts and reverence

Hear the song of the Twenty Four Elders, for their song is true

With undefiled lips do they sing and proclaim the NAME of the HOLY ONE. Blessed is HE!


"EL YEHOVAH, EL YEHOVAH, YOUR praise is true

YOUR NAME we bless, for by YOU we have been saved

Our lips YOU have made pure that we might proclaim YOUR HOLY NAME

Crowns and thrones YOU have given, for YOU are the Mighty EL

With YOU is all dominion and power

Imperial YOU are

YOU give and YOU take away

Authority YOU have obtained with YOUR Right Hand

Supreme is YOUR will

And enduring is YOUR Word

Laud and honor the HOLY ONE

Blessed is HE for all eternity

Our hearts are true for YOU, oh MIGHTY ONE

Our hearts are united with YOU, for to do YOUR will is our strength day and night

Never do we tire of YOUR NAME

Never do we tire of YOUR presence

The Revelation of YOU is high and mighty

True and awesome is YOUR NAME, oh YEHOVAH, EL of the universe

With every exhale of YOURS, we bow and give YOU glory

Unto us YOU breathe life

YOU, oh GREAT ONE, are our life line. Selah.

The blessing and honor,

The might and wisdom,

Power and strength,

Belong to YOU, oh GREAT and MIGHTY EL!

There is none like YOU in all the universe

Far and wide we proclaim

Shout the shout of Victory and cause YOUR holy ones to arise, to ascend the heights of Heaven!

YOU are our Hope, oh GREAT YEHOVAH! There is none like YOU. Selah.

And all the Earth shall proclaim

And all the Earth shall know

That YOU alone are the HOLY ONE

Blessed is HE!"

End of Word



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