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Prophecy 336 Israel is truly a trembling cup in the hand

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on October 9, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 5783

Prophetic Message


Israel is truly a trembling cup in the hand. Anyone who drinks the grapes of her vine will also tremble for did I YEHOVAH give you oh nations, the land of Israel to divide? For those who seek her destruction, rather a cup of poison I have mixed.

I YESHUA said I have longed to gather you as chicks underneath MY wings as I am underneath the wings of MY FATHER YEHOVAH.

The blood of YESHUA cries out in Israel, blood always cries out for salvation or judgment.

The blood that has been shed in Israel cries out for there is a loud scream going up from the land to the LORD YEHOVAH. The FATHER of FATHERS YEHOVAH, never turns HIS eyes away from blood for HE put HIS life in it.

There are cries as unto the rich man in hell, pleading that his brothers come not down to the place of torment but listen to the true children of Abraham. That rich man has the same spirit of Amalek who hated Israel. That rich man had the same spirit of Amalek as those now spilling the blood of Israeli soldiers and citizens currently. But Abraham showed him in hell that he would not in the pleasures as he did in life, as Muslims now believe their afterlife for murdering the Israelis is pleasure but rather destruction.

Their blood cries out to their Muslim brethren to not come down to that place and the blood of many soldiers testify to the blood of YESHUA that was shed in land. For blood recognizes blood.

What happens in Israel will be felt around the world and it is coming to your nations, oh world. If Hamas is allowed to rise up in Israel and murder, the spirit will go forth to embolden the hearts of Muslims worldwide to kill. Pray against the chain reaction and that voices of truth will rise up against the spilling of the blood of the people and nation of Israel.

A cup of poison is mixed so that one does internally. Internal turmoil in your countries thou shalt know you who hate the nation of Israel saith I URIYAH. The cup of Israel shall make the nations to tremble for their salvation is light to the nations but their ruin, even though a remnant shall be saved, is darkness upon the nations of earth.

Pray for Netanyahu to navigate the country in this war in Israel and to resist temptation from the Biden administration to divide the country. Though Netanyahu is a strong leader, and he wears a crown given to him, he is currently as Pilot before the execution of the LORD YEHOVAH. Pilot also was a strong leader as he was given authority over the LORD YESHUA to bring about HIS death for it was given from above. Is this not what the LORD YESHUA told him? Pilot did not want to crucify the SON OF LORD YEHOVAH, and sought for HIS release. But in the end he hearkened unto the voice of the ungodly Jews. Those that thought the ridding of LORD YESHUA would bring about the unity of the nation but they worked the works of satan. Only LORD YESHUA can unite the nation of Israel in the will of the FATHER of FATHERS LORD YEHOVAH. But HE first brings a sword to divide the ungodly from the ungodly, the children of Abraham from the children of Amalek.

Pilot sought to unite the nation of Israel underneath Roman rule but by harkening to the ungodly Jews he brought about a division in favor of those that hated the children of YEHOVAH.

Netanyahu must remain a strong leader and incline in the Spirit unto the ruling of the LORD YEHOVAH concerning the peace and salvation of Israel. (I was reminded of a dream I had of Netanyahu washing his hands with water. I remembered at the time, he compromised for the division of the land of Israel. He was going to divide the land. And he washed his hands like Pilot as if saying "I've done my best".)

End of Word


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