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Prophecy 34 “Vaccination is the Predecessor of Mark of the Beast!”

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 20, 2019

Prophetic Message

(During Communion with the LORD I asked YEHOVAH for a Word for the world and website regarding the antichrist and mark of beast to warn the people.)

I shall answer your request. I, YEHOVAH GOD, sitting on the Great Judgment White Throne – that is the soon coming reality! As I surely shall rapture those who are Victorious to MY realm and ascension. Children, make sure you are pure and never delay in repentance.

I, Archangel Michael, under the reign of YESHUA, the Highest GENERAL, who died and rose again on 3rd day, come to bring you scroll of message. Please eat it and prophesy unto the Nations, for they need to know the LORD's messages regarding antichrist and Mark of the Beast.

For aliens shall appear in the sky. For they counterfeit the LORD's ascension (Blue Beam Rapture). And the spiritual realm is changing. The antichrist shall rise from Pope and from Rome, he shall have the support of millions of the believers, and they will deem him as Hitler and know it not. For he is the antichrist of antichrists. Birthing straight from the belly of the Jezebel, the Whore of Babylon. She had been pregnant with him for a while now, and soon the spirit will be given birth unto the Nations. Just as she had a calling of being called the Prophet to the Nations, satan also has counterfeit Prophet to the Nations (false prophet).

The Beast shall rise – the one with artificial intelligence – the awakening gene beast. Oh, the world is not ready, world is not ready. The third world country is even much safer than being in America.

America, if you don't pray for Trump and support him, I truly will lift away your protection. I have MY Holy believers around the world to pray for you. Because your (America) eyes are so blinded, so blinded beyond measure. It is so blurry you cannot see right anymore. Oh, the judgment I shall and must proclaim! Because I AM a righteous GOD. I cannot lie. I cannot die. I cannot betray MY Character, MY MELEKH TZEDEK (Melchizedek).

The vaccination is the beginning of Mark of Beast implantation! They will change your DNA unknowingly to you, so you will accept the Mark of Beast. Don't you wonder why they push it so hard? Oh it will be used against you one day. As they will say, “Only those with the mark of vaccination can enter the store and buy food and water!” And the other ones will be doomed. Soon, the real Mark of Beast will appear. This is just a predecessor. I warned you, I have warned you, world! I have warned you not to take the Mark of the Beast, for that is selling your soul to the highest bidder.

And this day, I warn: Do not take the Mark of the Beast! The vaccination is just a predecessor! If you take it, it is an abomination unto ME! Oh, don't do this abominable work! I have MY Prophets come warn you.

The End Time Prophets. The 2 Witnesses. They shall soon appear when you are at your end of atrocity, and you think it is all over. But no, not over yet. When they call forth peace, it is when I will call down MY judgment! MY judgment! MY judgment in Revelation! The Earth will roll up like a scroll! And I shall set it aside for 7 years, sealed!

Great and horrible Babylon! How many martyrs' blood did you drink! And America! Whore of Babylon! You shall be destroyed!!!

Do not sell, do not buy – oh it is your judgment and test! Who will you obey? Will you crucify your flesh and unto death you will not receive the Mark of Beast?

Soon the 3 Days of Darkness shall drop and be a dreadful day for all the mankind. Because they did not heed to MY warnings and those who are anointed to minister. Oh how sad, for I have given dreams, visions, MY spirit unto those who are called MINE, to bring Salvation unto the heathens and lukewarm children. I wanted to save you, oh but only if you obey. In the Kingdom of Heaven everything obeys ME.

For the anointing of a Wife and Husband – the original Two Witnesses – Are I, YEHOVAH, and I, IMMA GLORIA. For WE witnessed the world's formation, its flourishing and decaying. And WE proclaim the judgment on this planet Earth! So shall it be again, a wife and a husband. A man and a woman. They shall see as one fiery fearsome figure, and the next second (moment of time), is the anointed individuals. When one knows, the others also know. The knowledge shall be shared back and fro, no ending of knowledge and wisdom. I shall flow in whole humility and wholesome anointing! For this is the full and ultimate anointing Two Witnesses! The Two Witnesses shall visit Millions of Jews and Christian believers and warn them not to take the Mark of the Beast or entertain such a thought, but to trust the LORD for provisions, for man shall not be fed by bread alone but the Word of GOD.

Oh, soon the famine shall come, the famine of MY Words. The world shall taste of MY wrath, the ungodly that I AM angry about! MY Two Witnesses shall consume you!!! World, get ready for the antichrist! He shall come with the iron fist, the one that Jezebel rules by. But I will strike her, strike her down. Strike her down!!! Ha HA HA!

I am GOD Almighty! No one tells me what to do! I am the Beginning and the Ending, Alpha and Omega, Aleph and Tav!

Now back to the Word to America, you are soon doomed. I have given you time under Donald J. Trump, but how did you use it? You treat him horribly, bashing him, beating him! Oh, his reputation – I, YEHOVAH, do not care (about his reputation before), for he had apologized didn't he? Or who among you can say you are greater than he? No, all of you are worse than he! The great disgusting Hillary Clinton, let ME come with a mighty fist and arm and destroy you! You are a worker of iniquity, same as your husband! Oh disgusting homo! President? Hahaha! I do not care one bit of man's title! It means absolutely nothing to ME! Do you think Hell will look at your certificates and diploma and give you better treatments? No. You have been deceived to think that the worldly knowledge and diploma and certificates can save you. For none of them are Holy, none of them. None of them. If you don't follow MY will, if you don't follow MY way, MY voice, then depart from ME, for I never knew you!

O Christian community, so many shall die! Because of lack of knowledge! I warned! Even in MY Book of Revelation! And when MY Prophets and Apostles and Servants come to your doorsteps, you shut them out! Ichabod!!! Ichabod!!! I, RUACH HAKODESH/HOLY SPIRIT am not in those churches! Ichabod!!!! A great wailing and weeping time is upon you! Churches of Babylon I call you! Churches of the true Jezebels! Because all of you are taken by the spirit of Jezebel, drinking of the same blood of damnation. For you forsook MY Prophets with the anointing like unto Elijah, and you chase them off! Jezebels shall die! Do you hear ME?! Jezebels shall die! And I AM only waiting for MY timing as to when to manifest.

Bride of CHRIST, get yourself ready! Do not slumber, do not fall into sleep! Let ME, YESHUA, come rapture you! But you must be ready. I cannot have an immature Bride! And I shall come for you through MY Two Witnesses. Great and fearsome is the Day of the LORD and it will be soon upon you!

The great Beast of the bottomless pit – oh it shall rise, it shall surely rise! And strike MY Two Witnesses, but they will rise after 3 ½ days, for that is your Tribulation days. 1278 days, you shall be tormented! Hahaha! Antichrist! Who do you think you are? Now you are hiding in the Vatican, drinking the expensive tea and wine, but I shall strike you! I send you MY challenge letter. Antichrist! I spill your beans, and show them your weaknesses! I shall strike her. Strike you. Strike all your descendants! (I see the beasts) For you truly bred with the Jezebel, the Great Whore. And she produced heirs for you, thousands upon thousands. And the evil spirits from you shall be released upon the earth to suppress, and control mankind with fear and trembling. They will not know what peace is anymore, after your initial statement. Time of Hitler shall be again!

I prophesied! And have prophesied from MY Great Prophets of Golden Millennium! They hear MY voice and MY voice only, to send you this warning America. Take it or leave it. I shall confirm, and shall confirm with MY Prophets.

I have spoken this day.

End of the Word

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