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Prophecy 344 YEHOVAH'S Offer of Life

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on December 3, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 5783

Prophetic Message


I cover you in a bubble protecting your mind. Resist not the hand of conviction, but resist devil and his sayings, watch ME perform miracles in you lifetime and future. I shall move all of you in a mighty direction. A great future awaits you, that is a promise from YEHOVAH. Allow ME wash and mold you as how I built Moshe. My water that destroys many, and builds many.

I died the same day MY SON YESHUA died for you. Praying for your family is a wonderful thing. But watch the enemy's snare say that you hate them or they hate you. What I have given you I have given. Pray for salvation for others. Watch ME do miracles. If anyone belong to ME, they will and must return. But remember, each and everyone I put in a free will. However, I already know the beginning until the end, don't I? And I have no end to this age. I know the souls that will read this tonight. And I know which words will trigger your most vulnerable places. I want to be in your life. I came down for you, just for you! And if need to be, I will come down again with MY SON!

Enemies kingdom is far and wide. But I YEHOVAH can destroy them if you allow ME to use your will. If you allow US the Holy Trinity to come and rule, WE shall surely reside. Only accept MY SON YESHUA as the one died for you on this Earth. On the 3rd day I did raise HIM. It was not an easy miracle. For I first had to die and live again. Then to cause miracle to happen for MY SON. HE is also at MY mercy each day. Each day HE waits for MY instructions on heaven and earth. Do you think YESHUA would take any action without the FATHER'S command? O no, HE wouldn't. HE is MY FIRST that was BORN who overcame the world for you! HIS mind is clear as water. As MY water continues to wash over HIM. And blesses everyone that come by. MY SON has offered MY water, did HE not? Even HE had to drink MY water first. I tell you a secret. HIS first miracle that I taught HIM was to change the molecule formation and fully transform the water to wine. Who can do it if not a GOD? So put away your disbelief, and come to MY throne this day with MY YESHUA. If you ask for forgiveness. I shall grant it willingly. I AM by your side, always until the ends of the earth. It does not matter what you had done in your past, I want you not to be bound to it. I care not to know you were a murderer, a slanderer, a thief. A junk yard manager, an CEO in a company. In MY Kingdom all people exist, but not a man who is willing to sin. Sin does not enter MY entrance but remains outside. So cast away your sin from ME this day, as I hear your repentance. I shall surely grant it. Selah. Think upon MY offer of life and life more abundantly. You shall not be bound anymore in your misfortune, for I will be with you and always, if you listen like MY SON YESHUA.

End of Word



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