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Prophecy 345 The Righteousness of The FATHER, The LORD YEHOVAH Guards The Heart

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on July 20, 2023 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 5783

Prophetic Message


One of the 24 Elders speaks:

All gold in Heaven is pure but as there are different degrees of glory, so is the gold of the Heavens in their glory and their value before the Throne of Glory.

There is a currency of the Heavens and one's wealth is based upon the price paid for the LORD YEHOVAH on Earth.

YESHUA said to buy gold from HIM, even in the Heavens gold is bought and sold. For a man that paid little during his life on earth, will not live eternally beyond his means but receive his rewards but also the grace that is beyond measure because of the price the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY YEHOVAH and HIS SON YESHUA have paid.

As on earth, there are wealthy with riches beyond what many will ever know, and there are those living and depending upon the government, so it is the Heavens. But above is love and generosity, the giving of gifts, so that everyone's heart rests in the joys of the FATHER of Fathers, LORD YEHOVAH. But great honor and esteem is given to those who gave their lives to LORD YEHOVAH on earth. And their work throughout the eons. GREAT is their wealth, and the power that the FATHER bestows.

Love the earth (not the sin of the world but the created planet), MY children on earth, as the FATHER so loved the world, for though HE gave HIS SON to save the world from sin, HE loved the world because HE created it according to the patterns of the Heavens.

The righteousness of the FATHER, the LORD YEHOVAH guards the heart. For HIS righteousness is your breastplate, shielding the heart against the enemy's blade and arrow.

The rolling thunders and the lightning strikes just beyond the clouds, lighting up the skies give mankind a feel of ELOHIM, LORD YEHOVAH. For the changing of the weather is even for the benefit of mankind, that they should look up and consider their lives on earth and how small they are compared to the heavens spread above them.

The works of fire and water, that is lightning, and its voice in the form thunder cause men to look to their Creator who is LORD YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. Blessed are YOU LORD YEHOVAH who is merciful to YOUR creation.

End of Word



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