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Prophecy 35 “Oh Israel, the Time of Travail is Almost Upon Thee! Beware!”

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 22-26, 2019

Related Scriptures

Jeremiah 30:7: “Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is the time of Jacob’s trouble, but he shall be saved out of it..”

Matthew 24:21-22: “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”

Prophetic Message

Oh the lamentation, the weeping, the mighty travail and wails of bitterness and grief of soul! The anguish and lamenting untold! For there has never been such a time as this in the history of man. The darkness, thick and cold, grips and seizes the soul. For those who have not the warmth, the SPIRIT of forgiveness, this shall be a time of much cursing and vexation upon their heads.

Esau shall sow and reap the fruit of rottenness. Ammon is broken. Esau sits in the dust perplexed - his hands empty and his weapons broken out of hand. Oh, the grief of the nations! Rivers, oceans of tears pouring forth but the land is not cleansed. The tabernacle is fallen with none to make it right again. The priest has scattered and the Levite has fallen!

Oh, Israel, the plagues of Egypt have come upon thee for your disobedience. For have I not warned you, oh Israel, that if you disobeyed, I would pour out upon thee the plagues and pestilence of Egypt (Exodus 15:26)?!

Scripture is being fulfilled, will be fulfilled in your disobedience, oh Israel. Open your eyes wide and be shocked, be amazed, stand stunned. You better repent, oh House of Israel, oh House of Jacob! For many shall be the slaughter and sacrifice of the LORD that day. Save yourself from this wicked and perverse generation (Acts 2:40). Enter not in to the gates of Hell, of death with this generation. Fall not in with this blood pool, bloodline of sin and iniquity!

Where is your sacrifice, oh Israel? Where is the Blood of the true Passover LAMB (John 1:29)?! You present yourselves in pride before ME, I, YEHOVAH, as living sacrifices, but your blood is polluted with vain idol worship - who has the most expensive car, the most prestigious award, who went to Shul today the longest, who went to the Wailing Wall the most this week! So petty! So disgusting are your ways before ME, oh House of Israel! I pity you, for through the Great Tribulation you shall go!

Did you know that I, YEHOVAH, pity you? I love you, MY wayward Daughter! I love you and soon you shall be, shall feel MY embrace – the embrace of a lover that does not want to let go of HIS Bride. So come unto ME, oh weak and weary land, land of desolation, land without water. Let ME fill you with MY Living Waters.

I send MY Two Witnesses to be a blessing unto you (Revelation 11). I send them to raise the dead, both physically and spiritually. I send them to feed the masses with fish and loaves of bread. What YESHUA did, they will do also. What YESHUA did, they will do also. So many miracles they will do, they will perform. Just don’t doubt. Just don’t doubt. Just receive and believe. Just receive and believe.

Turn them not away! I warn! I warn you now! Stop it! Be not shedders of innocent blood, for when I look upon this earth as MY Two Witnesses lay dead in the streets of Jerusalem and I find their blood on your hands, there shall be Hell to pay (Revelation 11:7-11)! Do you hear ME?!!

I know what you will think even before the thought forms in your head (Psalm 139:2-4). Each beat of your heart is in the palm of MY hand, for all of existence, all of creation stands at MY attention. I shall not lose one whose name is written in the LAMB’S Book. Do you hear ME? I, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, does not and will not lose one (John 6:38-40).

Those who are cast aside like Judas of Old - they were written in the Book of the Blotted Out Ones (Revelation 3:5). They started out for ME, but then betrayed MY Holiness for the defiling, irreputable ways of the devil. There are those who sided with the devil from the very beginning of the Great War in Heaven. These are in the Book of the Damned and Eternally Shamed Ones.

Which Book are you in? Actions speak louder than words, oh Israel! Actions show forth the dispensation of the heart. So selfish have you been, oh wayward Daughter Jerusalem.

What is your excuse for violating MY Sabbaths, profaning MY Holy NAME, re-structuring/misinterpreting MY Holy Torah, oh Israel (Ezekiel 36:20-23)? I entrusted you with much, with MY very heart – MY SON. The day of your reckoning is fast approaching and the Nation who should be teaching the nations Holiness is instead leading them in rebellion against I, YEHOVAH.

MY heart is sad. I AM is heartbroken, truly heartbroken. What shall I do? What will you do? What will you do in the day of calamity, for your house is left unto you desolate? Shall I raze the house to the very foundation and leave not one stone upon the other? Oh Israel, you shall reap what you have sown. You shall reap to the fullest and be crippled like Jacob. Then shall I carry you in MY arms to safety - when you cry out, “Blessed is HE who comes in the NAME of YEHOVAH!” (Matthew 23:37-39).

I AM will send MY Only Begotten SON to thee in that hour, in that moment. HIS NAME is YESHUA HAMASHIACH. Do not turn HIM away. Do not forsake the cup of salvation in HIS hand, the silver cup of redemption. (I see a vision of YESHUA with a silver cup in HIS hand) HE is your LORD and SAVIOR.

Oh Israel, I am coming for thee. Yes, I YESHUA, am coming to thee. Do you hear MY footsteps? Call upon MY NAME and you will not be disappointed, put to shame (Joel 2:32). Hinder not, delay not, oh Israel. Today is the day of salvation, of rejoicing, of jubilation. How many times must I put you in remembrance of MY Holy Word? When will you recognize I AM who I AM?

Honor your FATHER and your MOTHER (Exodus 20:12). But when you reject ME, you dishonor HASHEM ADONAI. You insult HIS offering for your souls at Calvary - MY Blood Sacrifice.

Only HIS Blood will appease MY wrath says I, YEHOVAH. Only HIS NAME invoked will gain you an audience before the Great KING. Oh Israel, you shall surely drink the cup at MY right hand. To the fullest you shall drink – for Prophecy, for Scripture must be fulfilled. And I shall use you to test the nations. You shall be a cup of trembling, of astonishment unto them and they shall go mad (Zechariah 12:2). The nations shall be in an uproar. I shall rescue MY Remnant – those who have not bowed the knee to Baal or embraced the antichrist. They shall be Holy unto ME, even as a lump Set Apart (Romans 11:16).

End of the Word



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