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Prophecy 8 “Come to the Mountain to Worship the FATHER with ME, YESHUA!”

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on January 23, 2019

Prophetic Message

O MY Children, I AM happy you give ME Glory! Yes, worship ME, non-stop! So much joy I feel. I AM truly glorified by your suffering, your affliction.

They never understood why MY people rejoice in the tribulation. But isn’t that what MY Word says? Rejoice in MY suffering, it is for your benefit. It tests your heart, to see what is deep down.

Yes, dance with ME! Show ME your next move! You all bring ME so much joy. I store them [the voices]. Not many truly sing to ME anymore. And I have MY New King David that brings ME true worship. Children, the true worship come from your heart, not if you sing in the tune or rhythm. So don’t be lied to, just sing to ME, your SAVIOR. Sing to ME continuously. It moves things too. The power of worship is greater than you think.

(YESHUA's tongues) It breaks Hell! It breaks the curses on you! When combining with Communion, it’s the most powerful!

Nothing can compete with MY Glory revealed in worship. Worship MY Name, ‘YESHUA’. The NAME above all names. The one you love, oh so dearly.

I desire worship. It comforts MY heart. As I sacrificed MY own Life. I expect to be remembered for this great historical work. I sacrificed MY Life for MY Friends. I died for you. Nails pierced MY hands, oh so painfully. But I remembered each of your names, and I pushed it through.

Now I am here to be glorified and am glorified! Thank you! Thank you for the worship! Truth is, not many cared for ME.

Come with ME, MY beloved. I will love you and more. Sing with ME, MY love song. I will teach you each personally. I have implanted in some already, just waiting to manifest through many ways of your work. MY love – that overcomes all the work of the devil – oh, so evil. Evil plans. It shall be nullified. All the work not of ME. I shall nullify and lift up those who are MINE. They are on the Mountain Zion with ME. We worship the FATHER together.

Listen to MY voice, to MY command. I do not disappoint. I am the Living WORD, never stop speaking. I am PROPHECY, and it doesn’t stop till in Heaven. You will be with ME, there’ll be no need.

MY Word is living, flowing down from the lofty mountain. From YEHOVAH's private places. HE gives you the purest to drink.

Resurrection, lightening – you will have more love for each other. It will be resurrected. Some have died due to cruelty of the world, but in MY Name are resurrected. It will burn fiercer. So worry not MY Children, you do have MY love, just need to be perfected in ME.

Those against ME, you misunderstood so much of ME. Am I not a Jewish King? So why do you want to forsake MY Torah? I only had the Torah that I can talk about. New Testament was not there. Yes, I AM 2 books in one. There is no division. No division, but you divide on your own.

The whole earth is MINE! I work MY way from bottom up. I work in Miracles. Not many understand, or want to study. I do have MY Miracles, done by faith.

(‘What’s on your heart?’ I asked) MY heart is now set on the world, searching who is looking for ME. Time is coming, so close now, for the door to be closed (I see Ark’s door closing). Many will cry for the missed opportunity. Get in the Ark quickly! Do not delay! Where is your Ark? Am I in there? Listen to ME, you have to return. We need to do the work together. We need to be together, not separated.

Do not forget ME in your toughest time. Worship ME, sing to ME, kiss ME. I hide you under MY arms. I embrace you with MY love, and kisses.

Return to ME, Jerusalem. Let’s talk it over. Return to ME, MY beloved. I have not forsaken you. You have forgotten ME. So tarry with ME a little longer, we shall sing together. But return. Listen to ME. Abide in ME. Return. ‘MY Holy One’ – I wish I can call you that now, but I can’t. Return to ME washed clean and pure in mind. Rejection of the Torah is rejection of ME! (YESHUA weeps) But I am long-suffering and patient.

You are my Baby Chicks under MY wings. I protect you under Psalm 91. Recite it every day, every morning. Don't forget. You're so much treasured. Just do your job so I can protect you. Each of you have MY Heart. Work together so MY Body is united. (YESHUA's tongues)

End of the Word



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