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Psalm 11 Forever Faithful

Updated: Jul 5

Psalm 11 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

YESHUA, my love, YOU won the battle over my mind.

YOU are forever loyal to me and faithful in my weakness.

I shall remember YOUR love, YOUR good works,

how YOU saved YOUR servant from the grave, from hell and torment.

I am confident that our love is sealed forever more,

YOU’VE delivered me time and time again, I shall trust in YOU.

Why shall I be moved, why should I cover myself with the veil of fear,

with a veil of darkness?

It's YOU O YAH, YOUR truth has set me free.

I stand on the word of YAH and walk a walk of Peace.

One thing that I know, that I firmly believe.

MY YAH is with me;

and I will dwell in Shalom Forever


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