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Psalm 13 Eternal Links

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Psalm 13 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

How blessed are we to have received such a gift,

A gift of Holy bretheren, the eternal links.

Our links cannot be broken, as brought together by the ALMIGHTY

And every day HE is leading us in HIS purity.

Beautiful purity, lily of the valley, let us be sweet unto the King.

Let our fellowship be full of zeal & Passion.

These are like unto heroes, they cover me in their feathers,

One will say, "I shall be my brother's keeper",

I shall serve him in Humility

What an honor to have received such a gift.

My heart recognizes my family and I’m overtaken by their kindness.

There's a love that never cease,

And through Grace our love will increase.

Perfect love is what we receive,

we're transformed into our KING.

Because a courageous lion dwells within,

I know I can overcome.

Perfect love casts out all fear,

We shall overcome every mountain because MESSIAH never loses compassion towards us.

Kiss the brethren for me, those who shall hear their knowledge.

"May I go to prepare a place for YOU My Bride"

Our love is intertwined, our souls are one.

So I play my harp for YOU my beloved,

We have a new song!

The song of the Eternal links,

The prophets of Judgement have come to YOU, O earth.

I shall wait for YAH, wait with contentment.

Our day shall come

and we shall join with our father,

"O MY Elder Bride,



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