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Psalm 15 I AM The Star In Your Eyes

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Psalm 15 of Hannah Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

I AM the star in your eyes

I AM the hope in the darkest time

In your trouble

I AM always there to lift you up

And no matter how many times you fall

I AM always there to pick you up and walk again

For you are MY beloved

And MY beloved is MINE

No one can snatch you out of MY loving hand

I have MY words and MY words are with ME

I AM your stored treasure

Your heart is MINE

Since the ancient (that you forgotten) but you are MINE

MY sweet lover, MY betrothed

Follow MY way, MY path of life

And you will see light

This is a Psalm to MY beloved

All of the broken vessels that I use on this world

They feel they don't see the light anymore

But the hope is always there

That is why I came as the Word of eternal life

Because I give life where there is none

There is a light in your heart so bright

And so bright no one can quench

There are lessons to learn always

Mistakes always are there

But the truth is I use the most broken vessels

I do not let anything go to waste

And I use all the knowledges among people

I have no truth that I have not shared

So let your eyes not be darkened and be tinted

Satan is always your souls adversary and his tactics is to take your hope and life

But you are safe with ME always

Remember that

MY beloved MY betrothed

I died MY life for you

It is true that I came and born to die

Only for you

Those who read this

I died for you

I have MY people MY prophets MY apostles in training typing for ME

They are MY Messengers of love

They bring you hope if you believe

For the world has not come to an end yet

The verge is close

And the choices have to be made soon

Trump's chance is your chance

Take not for granted world

And I have shared MY word of Wisdom

MY wisdom of truth

Giver of all things is ME and MY FATHER

The giver of all good things

Bitter not for the brokenness

But rejoice always for the training of a higher ground

For it is true of MY walk not easy for a mere women

But take upon MY heeds and warnings and you shall be victorious

Rejoice always

For I have overcome

I AM the YESHUA that saved you

Your life is MINE

MY betrothed

I paid for the building of our house of love

Build you a living nest


MY love MY dove of all ages

All those that are saved in MY Name

YESHUA is MY name and charges against the devil

For I have saved you

Be ye not in slumber or somber

For I shall come quickly

And quickly I come


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