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Psalm 16 Praise and Honor

Psalm 16 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

All Praise and Honor belongs to the sovereign family,

you are my father, you are my mother

and i long for the day to sit at the foot of your throne

For in that day your Bride will return home and I shall say to you, o majesty, God of Eternity

Truly you are my father and

To the sovereign Queen, truly you are my mother

You are God, you have sworn and have not repented, you have been gracious to me

And have set me as a priest forever before your throne,

In the order of Melekh Tzedek

Im a seeker of HIM who sends forth wisdom, and it is SHE who births forth knowledge

All of their ways are upright and true

Who can fathom their entire existence?

The chambers of their heart runs deeper than the oceans, deeper than the African mines.

The gems within are more beautiful than rubies. With Many eyes, we're brighter than diamonds, now I see the value of our souls, never trade it for the world, for it is far more precious than gold or any mineral that this earth holds.

The atmosphere of heaven quenched my soul, wave after wave under the waterfalls

Then My vision grew clearer

Here I Am , Im yours, I'm entirely yours, my eyes will not gaze at another, for Ive tasted of the good Fruits, and you have given me Life - renewed.


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