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Psalm 17 YAH, our living GOD

Updated: Jul 5

Psalm 17 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Let your wind blow, to restore this world,

Bring to life and renew what stands,

I have hope for this future generation If they will but Arise

I AM instructing them each and everyday

About the paths that they shall go.

Revive us o YAH, revive Humanity in your Love, in your arms of mercy, arms of care.

You are Awesome, Full of Power.

How Glorious it is to walk in the House of YAH.

The little ones wait upon us,

As they have experienced mans inhumanity among us.

Though their lives were cut short, There is a GOD who sees and resurrects.

Live Again, Breathe Again!

Come near the seat of the Almighty.

How precious are heavens children, YOU have given them Life,

when the world has chosen death.

The tombs has been found empty

And death has no sting

They make their case against the lack of justice.

O how beautiful it is to hear the children sing


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