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Psalm 18 Born to Rise

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Psalm 18 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Standing firm, staring down from my greatest mountain,

and from this mountain I began to feel the anticipation,

my stomach drops. Inhale, exhale...

See, I was already bracing to jump, But you pushed me

Why did you push me ? when you did not even know that I could fly?

because you wanted to see me fall, but now I arise.

I say "Nice try", nice try , as I glide through the sky.

I sing, "FATHER we shall fly together, FATHER I shall overcome."

YOU are my Joy and strength, I keep my eyes above

A face that's set as flint, a hope that never ceases.

Because YOU are my Great reward, and I know that YOU cover me.

Through my ups and downs,

HE was with me then, HE is with me now.

I take joy O my KING, I see what you're seeing in me.

I remember the years when your grace enwrapped me,

I remember the years when my mother prepared me, she said,

"Son, fly like me, you were created to let your be wings free",

"For all eternity, for you will abide with me,.

Golden hands, golden wings, I will uplift you as my excellent dove

Yet I will give you a marvelous roar, for you are MY DESIGN.

A masterpiece I've done within, know that there is nothing on this earth that you cannot overcome, because of the victory

I've given through MY son.


Baruch haba B'shem ADONAI,

Blessed is HE who comes... So Come

to the rivers, those who hear these words. Your mother is

calling you home. Yes, I gather MY chicks from the north, south, east and west. Some of my eagles are battle- worn ,

and feel as if they can not go on.

I want to give you strength this day, I pour out MY

Living waters, because O how you are loved, O how I care for you.


Come MY babies and learn MY ways, Come MY BRIDE

Fly higher, I say up a little higher.

I shall meet you with a kiss and present you to the father.

Your rest shall come, your rest shall come.

Just remember MY promises and hold on to your Blessed Hope.


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