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Psalm 19 Take back the city

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Psalm 19 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Enter through the gates, MY warrior, MY Bride.

Tomorrow we will Arise, so take back the city,

and the way, you shall know,

You will drive out serpents, MY word abides with you always.

Strategic Warfare, Quickly train up the child.

The child of tomorrow, the child of the KING,

Teach him the way, for tomorrow he shall go forth

Two by Two, the elder and the youth

Take back the city MY dear ones,

Pave the road! Open the gates!

Break through with the sound of the trumpet

Let the Holy ones Arise, Yes

tomorrow we shall take back the city.

The young and the old, the jews and the gentiles,

both men and women, We are One.


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