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Psalm 22 Judgment Song

Updated: Aug 3

Psalm 22 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

"Judgement has come, released over the earth,

You've had your time to repent, but you've consistently mocked.

Judgement has come O land of the wicked,

- to Sodom, Iran, Iraq and Spain

every nation who trample the blood and his name.

This time you shall not escape, for the word of YAH has spoken.

This time he sends the fire , his messengers - METATRON.

Justice has come for the innocent blood spilled, let the holy ones enter,

Enter your ark o so quickly!

Seek the FATHER, that you shall not perish,

seek the MESSIAH YESHUA For your safe place o children.

For judgement has come, judgement has come, judgement has come, judgement has come, Judgement, Judgement, judgement has come!"


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