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Psalm 25 The son of Ages

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Psalm 25 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

This is a night of lightning, this is a night of thunder,

Hear the 7 voices uttering mysteries and wonders.

Born again in this last ministry,  missions from the past, we've come to redeem. HALLELUYAH for my brothers , for your Shalomamim,

A Beautiful link of the heavenly family.

He is the son of music, priest, Healing angel, waters fills his wings.

I am in the presence of Shalom.

He's our Healing river, oh mighty thunder, full of mercy, patience and truth.

The devil has no foothold no claim on you.

He stands with his family and has never quit loving.

The shoes of peace are on his feet.

A breast plate of obedience is on his heart I celebrate the birth of this king, blessed is the God who has set him apart.

A brother in war, a brother of triumph, a brother of humor, a brother of order.


Run the good race o son of the Highest, feet that will never fail.

IN YESHUA's mighty Name we can lift up our trident, and we cheer with the son of ages.



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