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Psalm 27 Blessed are You

Updated: Aug 3

Psalm 27 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Blessed is our leader, How strong is our head, spiritually a neck like strong pillars,

I watch its rotation like the mysteries being decoded

I can imagine when you move , all of heaven is in awe of you

Beautiful majestic, if only they knew.

Your children will be fully obedient to you.

I can imagine , at your voice, mountains shake they tremble. O the Power of your presence,

Who can hide from those eyes fully examining.

It misses not a trace, but a moment at your feet shall we then see

If we diligently seek we shall grow, and know in great intimacy your voice, we will know the chambers of your heart.

We will experience wave after wave the deepness of your love.

Then Oceans carries our sins so far..

Our love,

Here's your Ruth she has conceived, She has received your reproof.

O how wise, how wise are those who hide themselves in you.

Your wings they do tell and they whisper to us a mystery,

"Obey your father , And also take heed to the father"

And you will be a tree with roots so deep

You will be a love story that never ends.

Sweetly, You will be a rose with such a fragrance,

You will be a king, a Queen for Eternity

You will be fruitful, fruitfully producing within creation.

You will be with ME beyond eternity..

Realms of delight, where we dance, we sing.

So much I have, its true..

just endure and I shall carry you when you need that helping hand


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