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Psalm 28 Words of Hope

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Psalm 28 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Read my words, the words of your father

The words that the soul needs and pants

These words quenches the thirst, these words are never dry, they never let you down.

They've always built you up, I AM your savior, lover and shield, you can look to me

You can count on me I AM here.

Just seek me while you can my children,

I speak words of hope to the deep belly of your soul,

so that the deep waters will not take you, and the whale will not swallow you.

For I AM the good shepherd, am I not?

I AM HE who was, who is and is to come the KING OF GLORY, YESHUA IS my name children

and I have come to save, For I do the will of my father, Always in my fathers business.

We are Limitless the definition of Eternity, full of resurrection Power.

Just trust me children in the days to come

Yes trust me in the time of your storm

As I'd spoke to the storms that arose long ago ,

In the lives of my disciples, I AM still working, I Am still moving.

Though some of you I have to shake awake,

So I allow the rocking to come near your home but I do not leave you without

the comforter and it is HE who rocks you into the calm, and keeps you in my Shalom


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