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Psalm 8 O Jerusalem

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Psalm 8 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

O Jerusalem, Why do you grieve ME?

Armies of locust are coming, I have cried out to you,

"Repent, Repent, Shema, for the Kingdom is at hand!"

Do you hear Wisdom call?

Who will Arise? Is there one as a David?

Is there one as an Esther that I may call forth

Weep, o weep! Between the porch and altar!

The Guillotines are prepared

Hear O Israel, will it be again?

Do not let it be again

I want to save you, O wayward child, wayward bride

Do not cause ME to mourn over your corpse, I have spoken,

"These bones shall live again", yet you lay near death,

Because you have stoned my prophets, yet I give one last chance,

I shall call again, I shall come again



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