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Psalm 31 - Sing Songs once Again

Psalm 31 of Eliav Inspired by the Holy Spirit RUACH HAKODESH

Then once again HE shows me how great is HIS Praise,

HE is worthy , from the morning light to the End of days.

Let your Words and tongue praise HIS Glorious name forever, never forget. Sing songs, sing songs once again, HE is the one who awakens you and saves you. HE has many names, many titles

but you shall know him as “Father“ . HE will embrace you as “Son”, When you rise.

When you rise forget not HIS name , forget not the tongues given to put the adversary to shame. Do this and you shall be bless. And I will be manifested.

I will show you that I AM Risen and I will Raise those who call upon MY name.

I shall deliver them from their deep sleep and I shall teach them how to walk as I’ve walked,

with the strength from on High with the might and Power of El Shaddai

residing beside you and within you . MY children shall be lifted away

on that Glorious day, they shall mount up with wings as the eagle.


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