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“Study Enoch and Wait on ME!”

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 9, 2019

Prophetic Message

(I was talking to ABBA YAHUVEH and HE told me to “Study the book of Enoch”. I told him that I would but I had it in my mind that I would do it tomorrow or whenever it came up for me to get a chance to read it and he said to me, “I mean now.”)

Here’s a Lesson Daughter, when I tell or even command you to do something – you are to obey that very second if possible, no delay! If you’re at the table, ask ME to reveal.

Make sure you study that Book. There is a distraction of the devil that doesn’t want you to do this so be still and know that I am ELOHIM, when you pray and search for ME. This is how you wait. Visualize yourself going forth with MY SPIRIT and search for I, YAHUVEH, and wait for ME. Picture yourself waiting in Heaven. Use your heavenly imagination.

This is the time. This is where I will restore your mind. This is where your life is at and I can supernaturally change every circumstance, if you wait on ME.

You will walk in MY SPIRIT day in and day out. I will call you MY anointed one and you shall be as a Priest ministering before MY Throne continually. Oh there shall be a time MY Daughter there will be wars and I need you to be ready. While you encourage others, like your brother Shimshon, know that I have given you wisdom and I need you to take up the weapons and the tools that I give you for others, unlike your mother.

Consider this a Word for yourself and others. When I speak to one, it is a warning for all. You must learn well and you will.

I YAHUVEH have spoken. I love you D’vorah.

End of the Word

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