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Prophecy 435 I, YEHOVAH Froze in the Old Earth Creatures

Given to Prophet  שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on January 20, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 10 Sheva 5784

Prophetic Message



Oh Israel l give thee a strategy from heaven. For the nations fear that you will hear the prophets and their own nations come to an end. For the nations do not counsel with themselves only but their champion, the anti-mashiach. This is not a physical battle though the nations gather artillery and weapons for mass destruction. Oh Israel the nations conspire with powers of darkness. Will you not call upon your ELOHIM, I YEHOVAH? They have made their blood sacrifices to bring forth evil. Will you not Believe in the saving blood of MY SON YESHUA which destroys all works of the enemies against your land? The anti-mashiach rises against you. Will you not trust in your MASHIACH, MY SON? But HE points to ME and always has and does, I, YEHOVAH the ALMIGHTY. 

The nations believe they are covered from harm by the blood they spill in sacrifice. Are you covered from harm, Israel? That is why I have risen up MY children for you to find victory and deliverance. But these same ones I AM sending into your midst to wake thee up in a new way. They shall stand in the original place of the garden of Eden in Jerusalem, for this will be reflective of how things were in the garden and they shall fulfill the command to take care of the garden by bringing my chastisement to thy nation in plagues and power. For they shall stand in the original bodies given to Adam and Eve full of power for conquering and destroying. They shall fulfill the command to take dominion over the earth and the nations will have been corrupted against thee Israel as it was the beginning when the powers of darkness fought for the Earth. 

I, YEHOVAH tell you true, I froze, in the old Earth, creatures and powers of darkness that came down to earth in that time also. It was flooded with water before when they came down from the heavens as a premature birth on Earth. As a woman giving birth, they broke the waters of the womb too early as those who were MY sons did in the time of Noah. They caused the initial waters of the heavens to spill so I broke open the deep as well and the heavens above and destroyed everything to the foundation. 

I always meant to flood the earth with MY living waters and submerge the Earth in breathable spiritual water. For spiritually mankind also has the form of a fish of the sea. Did not MY SON say, as I, YEHOVAH put in HIS mouth, that you will become fishers of men? Fish breath the air in water for this is the way it was in the garden in the original bodies that knew no death. You could breathe underwater and it shall be again, but I also say you can do this now, oh world, through the gift I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY gave thee through MY SON YESHUA. 

I have MY children fight for thee, oh Israel, in the spiritual realm for they know where the war is and I teach them to bend the bow of bronze and to cut, to kill and to drive the sword through the belly of MY enemies. 

Show valiance oh Israel in this way, for the nations that mocks thee for calling upon your ELOHIM, I, YEHOVAH the ALMIGHTY, is because they are struck with terror. The evil ones today know the history of the division of the waters in Exodus and they know it was no fiction. They know and they fear and that is why ye are a trembling cup in the hand of the nations. 

Oh world, all the nations are as men bound by the ankles, hip and hands on a ship and they are bound to the ship. If the ship goes down, the prisoners will be dragged all together into the waters. I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, say the ship are the alliances of the nations, and each man is a nation. For the world is in a cold war currently. 

Do you see why, oh world, why I use Donald Trump and will use him again? Yes I molded and prepared him to be President of the United States but I gave him humor and calmness, in his character, to quench the fires of unrest and chaos in the world. Donald Trump has an army of men and women all over this world, millions upon millions, that if I put in his mouth to make war they would rise up and it would be a time of great bloodshed. 

But he guards his words more than any other political figure today, in the world, even though he appears to speak freely. For guarding the tongue is to do no harm. The nations have learned to hide and strike, to kill and hide the dagger and blame another for the bloodshed in their midst. 

Israel, call upon your ELOHIM. For thy tongue shall cry for salvation. I, YEHOVAH answer the saving cry, I AM salvation. 

End of Word



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