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Prophecy 482 Reform Your Ways Before ME, Oh Israel!

Updated: Mar 11

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on February 21, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 12 Adar I 5784

Prophetic Message


(6:41 a.m.)

Reform your ways before ME, oh Israel. I hearken unto the birds and what they have to report before ME. All of creation cries out daily before ME for your repentance, for the restoration of all things. When will you listen? I have been crying out since the beginning, since the fall of mankind. There is no sweeter thing before ME than the wine of repentance; produced by the crushing of the grapes. Selah.

Oh Israel, where are you? I know where you stand. Will you stand before ME? Will you make and excuse? “For thus it has always been.” Follow not the wicked ways of your forefathers – those that corrupted themselves in the wilderness. For forty long years they tested MY patience again and again until the sands consumed them. Selah. Let it not be with you this day, oh Israel. Let it not be. The time of Jacob's Trouble fast approaches and this is not the time to test MY patience. I am not mocked. Selah.

There shall be a great reformation in the land of Israel as I turn the tide. Israel shall come down. Israel shall be humbled. There shall be a slip of the tongue, a slip of the native tongue. Selah. (6:54 a.m.)

(2:52 p.m.)

Israel shall be reformed by MY Mighty Right Hand. I have purchased the land with MY own BLOOD and the title deed is written on MY skin, for have I not purchased you, oh Israel? Have I not paid the blood debt that was owed? In many ways I have. Selah. Come to ME now and I shall make amends. The prophets cry out. The prophets warn, but do you take heed? So few do. So few. But I shall awaken the land of Israel. I shall call forth and MY Bride will come to ME. I know who is MINE and who is not. Selah. Test ME not, oh Israel. (2:57 p.m.)

(2-23-24; 6:27 a.m.)

Reform your ways before ME, oh Israel. There should not be one part of the world found within you and yet you welcome all its ways. Where is your faith?! Greater faith is found outside of you than within. How can this be? Mend your wicked ways before ME, oh Israel.

I shall send MY Two Witnesses before you. They shall bind your broken bones, bones that should never have been broken to begin with. Is MY Law not good enough for you, oh Israel? Then why do you turn to the pagan ways of the nations, ways I forewarned your forefathers not to follow upon entering the land? What is your excuse before ME, oh Israel? Answer ME!

I shall cleanse your land, oh Israel. With fire I shall cleanse as I send MY flames among you. You shall not recognize them, but they work for your betterment, oh Israel. Listen to them! Hearken to them, for they speak MY Word. They shall turn you back to MY Law, back to YESHUA your MASHIACH, to walk by faith and not by sight. Walk before ME, oh Israel! (6:48 a.m.)

(2-24-24; 8:25 a.m.)

Hear ME, oh Israel! I am your GOD. Listen to MY ways. Follow in MY foot steps. They are not hard to follow. It is the choices, the choices you have made which have become a stumbling block before you. Selah. Hearken unto ME. Mend your ways. I am a GOOD GOD – the GOOD SHEPHERD. Selah.

Hearken unto ME, oh Israel. I will straighten your paths, make firm that which is lame. Hearken to ME. I am your GREAT REFORMER. Oh Israel, I have watched you since infancy, raised you by MY own Right Hand of Deliverance. I have been there at every stage of your life. I will never leave or forsake you. Selah.

The Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of Mystery is still buried in your soil, oh Israel. It shall come forth and shall be revealed. When the GLORY, MY GLORY appeared between the cheruvim, a rainbow appeared above it as it did by the burning bush. Things are not as they seem, oh Israel, and it is time for you to wake up. You have slumbered long; blinded by the ease caused by your technology. Advance MY Kingdom and not your pocket book, for your true wealth is found only in ME I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. Selah.

Protect what is yours, oh Israel. Do not give away to foreign lands what I have bestowed upon you. Your secrets are to stay with you. How can I give you more when you give away what I have given you? Be responsible. Be respectful. Upon which nation have I shown as much mercy as I have to you? Answer ME! Abuse not MY grace! Abuse not MY mercy! I am waiting. And wait I shall but the clock is ticking. You have a date with destiny. Will you answer the call?

What will you do? I am watching. The times of Enoch are upon you. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again. Read the Scriptures. Get to know ME better. I come down to your level, truly. I am a GOOD GOD and I forewarn you now. Things will not go according as you planned. Take heed! What will you do when the supernatural manifests physically? Will you test the spirit or follow after signs and wonders?

Follow not every voice. Take heed not to every way. You are to follow MY way and sway not either to the right or the left. Take heed, oh Israel. Do not play with fire or you will get burned. Listen to the prophets – those that hear MY voice. Listen and take heed. Selah. They will perform signs and wonders for the betterment of your soul and not to soothe the itching ears. If a sign or a wonder pleases the flesh, then know it is not of ME. What is the root source? What doctrines are they teaching? Test the spirit, oh Israel. Test! Selah. (9:00 a.m.)

(2-27-24; 6:05 a.m.)

Oh Israel, listen to ME.  The time fast approaches.  That which the prophets prophesied shall come to pass much to your surprise, but will you listen?  The key here is to listen and obey.  Do not be as those Isaiah prophesied about – those that heard, but did not do, for what good are those to ME I, YEHOVAH?  They cannot serve in MY temple, for to be a priest is strict, rigid obedience.  Selah.

Oh Israel, hearken to ME!  I am your LOVER.  It was I that drew you out of many waters.  In the times you were drowning by the choices you made, I was there to pull you out when you called upon MY NAME.    Call upon ME once again.  See ME for who I am.  I will never leave or forsake you.  It is you who has left.  You left the table I set before you in the presence of your enemies to go to another table.  And it is this table that has become a snare to you.  Selah.  Come back to ME now.  Let US commune.  I await.  What KING awaits HIS bride?  I am merciful.  Are you?

Keep MY ways, oh Israel – I, YEHOVAH.  I am your KING.  Follow protocol.  I have laid it out before you.  Follow and obey.  I shall come once again, but will you recognize?  For does it not say that YEHOVAH, the LORD, is a MAN of WAR?  Will you treat ME like you did MY SON (YESHUA)?  Will you crucify ME?  When the KING comes, it is to make war, for I shall purge the rebels out of the land.  Be not found among them.  So says I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY!  You know not who dwells in your midst.  Answer ME!  Selah.  (6:31 a.m.)

(2-28-24; 6:08 a.m.)

Hear ME, oh Israel.  Your ways do not please ME.  Have you learned nothing from your forefathers?  Have you learned nothing at all?  Have you learned nothing from the past?  I call you to remembrance, to remember the former things.  I shall turn you over, for you have slumbered long.  Selah.  You shall be provoked.  I shall use a foolish people, a foolish nation in your sight and yet you shall not see them coming.  In MY eyes they are refined, they have gone through the fire.

Where is your testing?  For how long will you sit by the pool?  The waters are troubled.  Enter in.  Receive your destiny.  Are MY waters not good enough?  You look upon them, but why will you not drink?  It is I who drew you to the waters.  You did not find them on your own.  Remember you were wandering in the wilderness?  It was I who sustained you.  It was I, YEHOVAH.  It was I who appeared in the cloud.  I kept you cool in the heat of the day and warm in the cool of the night.  It was MY fire that protected you.  Remember!

Remember, oh Israel!  Remember!  Remember the plagues and how I divided the light from the dark.  I have always been with you.  You are forever in MY gaze.  Selah.  You will never escape ME, oh Israel.  Watch ME.  Do as I do.  Don't do as I don't do.  Follow MY ways.  Hearken unto the prophets, MY prophets, for you have need of them.  They will lead you in the upright way.  Selah.  Hearken unto ME, oh Israel, and it will be well with your soul.  (6:35 a.m.)

(10:25 a.m.)

Reform, reform before ME, oh Israel.  I call you to account.  I call you to MY Word.  I have everything you need.  Do not drink from the wells of the nations.  They are all contaminated by an underlying current.  Do not go a-whoring from ME!  I will stone you with stones and maybe then you will listen.  Selah.  (10:29 a.m.)

(12:34 p.m.)

Hearken unto ME, oh Israel.  Hear and obey.  Teshuvah.  The times of refreshing are coming.  The rains, both the former and the latter rains, will fall heavy in that day.  Selah.  Watch.  Be prepared.  Catch the rain water.  Miss not your season.  Miss not your appointed time.  I am coming soon and every eye shall see.  Be watchful.  (12:43 p.m.)

(2:50 p.m.)

Oh Israel, you shall be tried by the elements.  Elemental trial.  Trial by fire.  Watch and see.  Watch and behold.    Be prepared.  Pass your test, oh Israel.  Selah.  Will you pass through the parts or will you falter?  Call upon ME I, YEHOVAH.  Call upon MY SON YESHUA your MASHIACH.  Be not slack but be diligent.  Behold!  I will do all that I said I will do.  Will you?  Where is your promise in the wilderness?  The one where you said you will do all that I required of you.  Answer ME now!  You have no standing of your own.  You need MY righteousness.  Let ME clothe you once again.  Let ME ease you of your burdens once again, for they are unclean in MY sight.  Selah.   (3:01 p.m.)

(2-29-24; 10:25 a.m.)

Answer ME now, oh Israel.  I try you.  I test you.  You said you have gold.  Show ME your righteousness and I will show you MINE.  You cannot measure up, but I can cleanse you if you will allow.  Come to ME.  Meet ME at the well, the well Beersheva.  There WE shall meet.  There WE shall talk (10:32 a.m.). 

(2:50 p.m.) Have a drink.  I will fill you up.  Oh Israel, hear ME!  I came to you, to inspect your fruit.  What have you produced?  Is this fit for a king, even an earthly king?  Then how much more should you produce for ME who is both your Heavenly and Earthly KING?  Bow before ME!  I come to inspect and inspect I will.  I will leave no stone unturned.  Day of the Valley of Decision.  Walk before ME.  Choose wisely.  (2:59 p.m.)

End of Word



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