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Prophecy 510 “X” Marks the Spot: The Solar Eclipse on 4/8/24

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on March 30, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 22 Adar II 5783

Prophetic Message


5:18 a.m.

A HERALD has gone forth from MY lips, the lips of I, YEHOVAH. HE bears the Word of GOD with HIM. HE is the Word of GOD. “Excellence” is HIS NAME, for I, YEHOVAH, have placed HIM so. Selah. HE is a placeholder of MY signs and in HIM I have put trust.

Trust should the nations in I, YEHOVAH, alone. But they have gone after false signs and wonders. They have gone after Balaam and a fool's reward they shall have. “X” marks the spot when I, YEHOVAH, shall render judgment, shall render peace. Selah.

The darkening of the sun is when I cover MY face, for the shame of America has come up before ME. The righteous beg for mercy, and shall I turn away MY people (5:28 a.m.)? (6:08 a.m.) Nay! But I shall render justice and the Earth shall be called “Justice” in that day after MY own NAME. But first there must be a cleansing. Selah.

The steed of the RIDER has gone forth, and who shall put HIM to flight? HIS Word is with HIM and HE shall accomplish, for the joy of the LORD YEHOVAH is HIS strength. Selah.

Put on sackcloth! Put on ashes, oh America! For the Great Day of the LORD has come against you! Who has committed crimes such as you? A peddler of filth! Do you think this pleases ME?! I shall remember you in the day of judgment. The scales are tipped, but not in your favor, oh America. The nations gather against you and this I shall allow. Your shores shall be invaded for the great iniquity you commit there. Your Capitol shall be torn down, shall be no more. This I, YEHOVAH, declare so.

And you other nations are no better. You are just older in your crimes. The whole world lies in iniquity. “X” marks the spot. “X” marks the spot. Selah. (6:34 a.m.)

8:57 a.m.

Watch when the eclipse* reaches Israel, when I shall demonstrate MY power and might in the sight of all the nations, saith I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY.

*This is referring to a future eclipse and not the one on 4/8/24.

End of Word



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