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Prophecy 530 The Righteous Ways of Your ABBA YEHOVAH Are Established in Stone

Given to Prophet אברהם for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on December 28, 2022 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 5 Tevet 5783

Prophetic Message


The Righteous ways of your ABBA YEHOVAH are established in stone. HIS ways circumvent all time and space. In the test of time, they stand – stand strong. Meditate on ME daily. Stand strong on MY Word. It is sure; it is firm. Unshakable and immovable. Trust in ME completely MY precious children. Mercy I pour out upon you for your sakes. For I have compassion upon those whom I have made. In MY image have ye been made. To endure before MY face forever. So MY grace and mercy I pour forth, that from before ME ye may not be consumed.

I give you MY grace, that in MY power ye may walk and move. In MY ways ye may be embraced and forever fulfil MY purpose; reveal MY will and way upon the universes that I may be glorified among all, above all! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

What do I desire to say MY children? It pleases MY soul, when with your heart you seek I your MOTHER URIYAH and your wonderful BELOVED FATHER YEHOVAH you cleave unto dearly! O how it pleases MY SOUL! HALLELU YAH! Give Glory to the HOLY ONE, the BLESSED ONE of ETERNITY! Amen.

Children, seek, pursue YEHOVAH your FATHER. Seek, cleave unto HIM, as Ruth cleaved unto Naomi, so cling ye children unto your wonderful FATHER, YEHOVAH. Let not your souls rest. But day and night seek, pursue and HE shall be surely found unto you a new! HALLELU YAH! HE desires deeper intimacy with you children! HIS Soul yearns for you! Groans for you, HIS children, HIS creation! There is none a father like unto HE! HE is unique! Immaculate! Splendid in all HE does!

Grab MY hand children, and into HIS heart let ME lead you! Cleave to ME MY precious children! It is a mother’s delight in obedient children! Those whom are a Joy to their father, their parents! It is MY joy to walk with you precious children, and into the Heart of the HOLY ONE, the BLESSED ONE forever, your BELOVED FATHER to enter. HE is a Great Treasure in HIMSELF; one without end! HALLELU YAH!

For HE is Good. For HE is Gracious! HALLELU YAH! O Earth, come eat, partake of YEHOVAH’S flesh and blood that ye may live, that ye may have a blessing from the ETERNAL ONE, yes, YEHOVAH, THE HOLY ONE of Yisrael! Come be a blessing! Come, be blessed! HE is the BLESSER of all that is good! Of all that cleaves to HIM! HE has precious gifts with HIM! HE gives and has given of HIMSELF! HE bestows mercy. HE bestows peace! HE bestows Joy – yes it abounds in HIS This HOLY HOUSE! HALLELU YAH!

Give Glory to YEHOVAH O Earth! Praise HIM with lips sanctified! Praise HIM upon penitent hearts and souls! Let all that tremble at their sin sing for Joy before HIM! For HE is THE BESTOWER of MERCY and Graciousness! HE pours Mercy and Grace upon the repentant, upon the humble of the Earth! HE openeth their ear that HIS voice, HIS word they should hear! For HE is absolutely GOOD and GRACIOUS! HALLELU YAH! PRAISE HIM all ye that seek HIS way! To you HE draweth nigh and not afar! To you HE casts HIS eye of compassion! For ye have found mercy before HIM and from HIS presence HE shall not cast you!

Endure to the end in righteousness beloved children. Stir one another in love. Let the FATHER completely manifest through each of you! Know good days all your lives! HALLELU YAH! HE is the TREASURE of all treasures! HE is the good medicine for your souls! What all of you need!

End of Word



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