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Prophecy 531 Let I Fill You to The Core of Your Beings

Given to Prophet אברהם for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on December 28-31, 2022 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 5-8 Tevet 5783

Prophetic Message


Rejoice in I your FATHER beloved children. Let I fill you to the core of your beings. You are wholly MINE.

MY children, can you fathom this, that you are MINE? Do you understand what it fully truly means?

MY children, MY sweets, how precious you are in MY sight. I wish you see it through MY eyes beloved children, you’d be amazed! So amazed! Your lives would be so different! See it children, always through MY eyes. For the eyes of the flesh, your eyes, will always deceive you!

See how often those of the world are deceived with their own eyes and their own ears, and feelings! But not you MY children! Ye are SPIRIT led. Let by MY SPIRIT. Ye shall see how it all becomes simple, swift, almost easy it may seem. Yes, easy, only through MY SPIRIT and not by power nor by might! Only through MY SPIRIT sayeth I YEHOVAH thy GOD and EVERLASTING FATHER!

Accomplishing much MY children, ye shall accomplish. Yes, through I YEHOVAH, through MY SPIRIT that I have put within you. All MY children have MY SPIRIT to overcome the wiles of the evil one. For HE who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Read your Scriptures beloved children and believe and receive them. HALLELU YAH! Amen. Receive understanding beloved children. Receive knowledge MY children. That which I give that ye perish not in the way. For MY people perish for a lack of knowledge. Lack of MY ways and MY doings.

Many upon the Earth, which I have created in MY love, shall perish for a lack of knowledge of MY ways. All who reject MY ways, have no standing in MY HOUSE, in MY KINGDOM! Only MY way shall prosper upon the face of the Earth. The rest shall be consumed as stubble. Blown away with the wind. Only MY purpose upon Earth shall succeed. Only MY regiment shall the victory proclaim! Only they shall claim eternal victory! None other!

Only MY NAME shall stand and the NAME of MY SON YESHUA. Victory children, shall ye declare! Ye shall roar against the evil as the lion roars over his prey! Ye shall declare the KING unto all great and small! Young and old! Rich and poor! Free and slave! All shall know THE Rightful KING, the Heir to HIS THRONE is Here! HALLELU YAH! Give ME praise MY children! Give I YEHOVAH your GOD the glory! HALLELU YAH! Amen. Selah.

Stand in awe of ME children. Stand in awe of the work that I do in each and every one of you and then give I YEHOVAH THE ALMIGHTY Glory, Honour and Praise forever! HALLELU YAH! Amen.

End of Word



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