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Prophecy 10 “Get Ready For the King To Rule!”

Updated: Mar 25

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on January 27, 2019

Prophetic Message

(We were worshipping, then I saw YESHUA walking in when we were singing the first song. I heard 4 winds blowing…)

Yes, worship MY Presence. I anoint you, all of you! With MY kisses of fragrances. The Kingdom is ready. Ready to reign. Preparation has been done. KING of Kings, LORD of Lords is coming to Earth to reign!!! (I feel the Heavens store a lot of energy)

Don’t delay, get yourself ready. Dive in MY Word. Choose ye this day which GOD you serve. And you better choose the right GOD. The path to life is one, death is also one. We have done so much to save men from everlasting damnation. It has been done. HIS NAME is YESHUA. Perfected seasoned meat.

Yes, focus. I must come with MY fury! I must come do MY work that I promised YEHOVAH! It is not a small matter. Many don’t understand and they will be in shock. MY Children, you are in the water, but I AM with you. You shall not drown. Work together for MY Glory.

(We sang a worship song, ABBA YEHOVAH speaks…)

Fire on MY people! Fire! And more! And it will spread like wildfire! On you shall go! Spread! MY Word of fire! It will burn you up, just ME. There’s a time. This time, burning of incense. You are MY incense, MY bowl of incense. Burn for ME! All the fragrance! I want them! It burns all your desire, leaving it just ME in you. This is how it should’ve been. All the Earth should’ve been so. But they forsake it.

(I see Seraphim appear in our place in vision.)

America! I gave you mercy! I gave you Donald Trump. He will do MY will, but you reject. He will do MY work, burn and destroy the towers of Baal. He is a righteous king as long he repents. He is hearing what he needs to do for ME. He is MY tool to accomplish things for you. America! Because I still have people crying out to ME! For their sake. For their sake!

Wake all the Earth up! The KING is coming! Are you ready? No, most of you are not. Teach and share MY ways. For the teachings prolong your life. Children, teach many. Share on YouTube. Teach, manifest the love. Care not what they think, for it is the truth. Manifest MY way, MY will, MY thoughts.

Just about ME, Holy and Righteous. Be pure with ME. Let ME speak to you. Embrace you and enjoy you. MY Babies, MY Bride! Rejoice with ME! I have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Your will is not the best. Give your reign to ME. Let ME control you. And bring you more deliverance. Speak to ME when it’s quiet, hear MY whisper… MY will… How pure… Golden Glory… Shhh… Be in MY Presence.

End of the Word



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