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“And you shall love” | Heavenly Manna

“And you shall love” | Heavenly Manna

    “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friend. This is what I have done for you. I shed MY BLOOD on Calvary to make atonement for thy soul. What have you done with the GIFT I have so liberally given thee?” [YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH]

BELOVED MASHIACH, THOU hast captivated my heart with THY Outstretched Arms. THOU hast given me great peace through which I shall never be moved. Great peace have they which love THY Law and from THY Foundation they shall never be shaken. With the GIFT THOU hast so mercifully given me, have I been made to awaken. Yea, as one brought back from the dead am I, having from THY Raising partaken. Surely I am THINE and shall never be moved so long as by pride I am not overtaken. THOU hast made me to be upon THY Palms engraven.

Far from me so be the dark bird of vanity. Let her not roost in the branches of this THY righteous tree. Let not the devourer apply her axe and uproot me. THOU hast planted me in the midst of THY Garden so graciously. May my fruit be holy and reach maturity. By the Watering of THY SPIRIT hast THOU made me to be ever so green. In the time of visitation, pray I only to receive the blessing. In season and out of season may I be found unto THEE well-pleasing. May it never be so that I bring forth the fruit of darkness. Shower me with THY SON’S GLORY! Hedge me about with THY Swords flaming. THOU art the HUSBANDMAN who so faithfully doth prune me.

Manifest THY love and boldness in me for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY. It is my desire that when people look at me they only see THEE. Let not my heart swell with pride, but may it be humble and clean inside. May it be free from all sin and iniquity. THOU art an ALL CONSUMING FIRE. It is my daily petition for THEE to make me holy. THOU hast given the command to be as THOU art, not giving oneself over to lust and revelry. Purge my members even to the uttermost. Make me to be an ever more ready vessel fit for THY use.

At times mine heart is as the Good Samaritan. At times my heart doth others to help refuse. Make my heart to be single and not grievously divided. Why am I at times so double-minded? The just shall walk by faith and all others shall be disappointed. Cause me to fulfill the Law of MESSIAH and more readily bear the burdens of the brethren. Shake me not off THY Garment of Healing but rather embrace me the more, for only by THINE anointing shall I be restored.

When I uttereth my cry unto my GOD, HE doth hear me. In the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH do I come before HIM. HE will not turn away my face nor give me to reproach. HE shall not slay me by reason of cruelty. HE is just and merciful, being the Strong Arm of the poor. HE seeketh the lost and offereth them REDEMPTION. There can no ill report be filed against the KING. There is no spot or wrinkle in HIS GLORY CROWNING.

HIS Way is beyond the grasp of man, for as high is heaven is above the earth, so too is HIS Rule. HE hath HIS way in the thundercloud and in the depths of the ocean. HIS beloveds doth HE call us and wilt not HIS Covenant with us annul. Our GOD cannot lie, for HIS Word is from everlasting to everlasting. The ALEPH and the TAV is HE, the BEGINNING and the END. HE is the ANCIENT of Days, the ETERNAL CREATOR GOD. “YAHUVEH” is HIS NAME and through HIS SON hath HE us saved!

Blessed be our ABBA DADDY YAHUVEH who hath not left us in despair! True is HIS Word and more precise than a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD. HE hath cut off my bonds and and set me free. I once was in darkness by reason of great sin. My life was void of TRUTH and full of lies. Yet, in mercy did HE come and taught me the Right Instruction. Now go I in joy unto HIS Holy Mount. Blessed be my SHEPHERD, for all HIS Ways are Good and True! May HIS NAME be blessed and HIS KINGDOM too! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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