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Judgment starts at the House of YAHUVEH | Heavenly Manna

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Judgment starts at the House of YAHUVEH | Heavenly Manna

    Judgment doth start at THY House with those who are the ancients. THOU wilt utterly slay those who make merchandise of THY people. THOU wilt cast them into the dungeon of darkness where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched. O YAHUVEH, GOD of the universe, THOU art Upright in THY Judgments, for THOU art the MOST SET APART JUDGE. May THY GLORY be known even to the ends of the earth! Yea, THY Word hath gone forth and wilt not unto THEE return void!

HALLELUYAH, for our GOD reigneth! Yea, lightning doth HE send forth to discomfit the rebels. HE doeth whatsoever HE wills! There is no GOD like our YAHUVEH who hath translated us from the darkness of egypt unto the Light of the Promise Land! Blessings and Honor and Might be unto our KING! Wisdom, Power, and Strength do only belong unto HIM! PRAISE be to our GOD YAHUVEH who hath sacrificed HIS Only Begotten SON! BLESSINGS be unto YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, for soon the kingdoms of this world shall be by HIM overruled!

Come YE and judge suddenly those churches, temples, and so-called prophet schools. Let not one of the wolves escape who are unto THY sheep and lambs cruel. What they have done unto us, they have done unto THEE. Let the time of Great Judgment spring forth and THOU their verdicts annul. They issue forth edicts in their flesh sent forth from hell. They put bondages on THY people and twist THY Word to unto them conform. THY Word is quick and powerful and they shall with their lives pay. THOU art not mocked no matter the year, hour, or day.

BLESSED JUDGE, my LOVING FATHER, thank YOU for the BLOOD of the LAMB by which I am pardoned. May it be that I continue on in the Salvation THOU hast wrought for me so GLORIOUSLY! Unite my heart unto THY will and override my flesh. Yea, from the flesh desire I not to receive anything. Of a truth, from THY Throne do I desire grace, wisdom, and mercy. THOU hast been with me so patient, breaking my legs that I into hell should fall not. To my shame have I at times with THY Right Hand stubbornly fought. Contrary to THY KINGDOM have I at times walked when I should have it sought. THY SPIRIT didst with me strive, for I was in the thicket of THY will caught. It was THY will for me to THEE serve and the Way, by THY SPIRIT, be taught. Contrite became my spirit when I didst my sins see which didst my garment spot. GODLY sorrow overtook me and I did repent of that which did me so grievously blot.

Now indeed do I seek after righteousness by the BLOOD of my MESSIAH LAMB! HE became a curse that I may be unto HIM a blessing. By HIS BLOOD do I overcome and have life everlasting. Never could I turn back unto the ways of my youth. The old hath passed away and become new. O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, take my hand and THOU me soothe. This world doth grow more wicked, despising all THY Words True. O may it be that I with THY Commands am always in tune. I seek after THEE diligently, knowing that THOU wilt come soon! Come and transform me in the twinkling of an eye. Try my heart and see if there be within any treacherous lie. My flesh is weak but my spirit is willing to obey THY Commands Divine. THOU art good and wilt not me cast aside. So long as I remain on the Solid Foundation, THOU wilt be my GUIDE.

BLESSED MASHIACH, I cast off this tiredness which purposeth me to slide. I shall not give in or be found guilty of any compromise. May it be when THOU comest that I am awake and as the Five Wise. Continually my heart search and darkness from it circumcise. Lay this do I before THEE, that I may in that Day be called to rise. Blessed be THY Foundation which is without fault! Blessed be the FATHER whom hath unto me THEE given! Thank YOU BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, only THEE do I exalt! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME, do I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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