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Are You a Friend of GOD? | Heavenly Manna

Are You a Friend of GOD? | Heavenly Manna

    FAIR and BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, THY Love hath ravished my heart. Fixated upon THEE is my gaze. Cast me not out of THY Presence. Cause me to inherit THINE High Place. Set forth THY STANDARD in my life and cause me to live more abundantly.

Upon a high solemn cry, let my petition come unto THINE Ear. Hear the words of my mouth and the complaint of my heart. The voice of the dragon doth accuse and seek to in me cause fear. Answer THOU him mightily with the Rod of THINE Fury! Cause the camp of the wicked to be silent! Dash forth in THY Fury and scatter them! Speak forth desolation unto the power of darkness!

I will abide in mine STRONG ROCK, for ever with me is HE. I will declare HIS tender-mercies unto the generation following that they may take hold of HIS Salvation. YAHUSHUA is my Light and my Salvation! Come unto HIM all ye sinners and repent! Forsake thine vain and foolish ways or thou wilt not escape the fires of hell! The strange snare of the fowler is no respector of persons. Confession is made unto Salvation. Despise not the Right Hand of Salvation, for by none else is there Deliverance.

OH BELOVED YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, come near unto me! Carry me through the great waters and deliver me to the Safe Haven. Be THOU my CAPTAIN and guide me through the flood. THOU hast sought for this wayward sheep and found him. Let me not depart from the sheepfold nor wander from the Green Pasture. Let THY Rod on my right and THY Staff on my left comfort me. From out of the heavens, may a whirlwind of the MOST HIGH descend upon these temptations. As far as the east is from the west, so may these nets be rent asunder.

PRAISE the LIVING GOD YAHUVEH, for HE hath holpen me in mine infirmities! HE hath from me loosed the bonds of mine iniquities. Shout unto the heavens, O ye rocks of the field! Pour forth life as a river and water the parched ground! Tremble thou at the advance of the MOST HIGH, for HE cometh to judge the earth! O ye mountains, melt down and bow before thy CREATOR! Prepare ye the way of the LORD!

Baptize THY people in the Wildfire Anointing. Anoint our hands to plow and we shall level mountains. Yea, we but speak unto the mountains and command them to be removed. No one, no thing, and no place shall prevent our MESSIAH KING. Behold!, HE cometh with fire in HIS Eyes and a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD in HIS mouth! Let the heathen be scattered and the breadth of their camp be consumed!

Our MESSIAH KING cometh to wipe away our tears and deliver us from the strong foe. HE cometh to reward mankind for the fruits of their labors. Let us be found well-pleasing unto the SON. We kiss HIS Hand and bow at HIS Throne. Let the WELL-SPRING of Eternal Life forever burst forth in our lives. Let HIS TRUTH and MAJESTY take place in our hearts.

Sit THOU upon the throne of my heart! Be THOU blessed to inhabit this earthen vessel. Cause THINE Everlasting Power to be demonstrated through me. Let the nations know that THOU art my GOD and I am not ashamed. Heal me of mine wounds and transform this broken vessel. Great devastation hath been wrought against me by those proclaiming to be THINE. Yet, THOU knowest their hearts and that in THEE they have no part.

Accursed be these false prophets and prostitutes of baal! Accursed be the works of their hands and the habitations of their families! Utterly slay them atop their altars! Count them as but dust to be trodden underfoot. Yea, consume them in the Fury of THY WINEPRESS! By the Right Hand of the LIVING GOD YAHUVEH who is not mocked, come I against thee, thou horde of hell! Thou wilt know the Perfect Fury of the SOVEREIGN ELECT as thou descendest down to thy cell!

Count me THY friend, O GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel! Open THY Heart and teach me THY Secrets. May I be found trustworthy in THY Sight! Speak forth the hidden things of THY SPIRIT, for I do dwell in the Light. May the Light of THY Countenance be risen upon me. May the healing of THY SON shine be come over me. Yea, THOU art my GOD and my KING! THOU hast ransomed me from the grave! May this New Life I live be wholly dedicated, sanctified, and consecrated unto THEE! In THINE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON’S NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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