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Are you listening for GOD’S Voice? | Heavenly Manna

Are you listening for GOD’S Voice? | Heavenly Manna

    BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH my heart doth overflow with love for THEE! How much more doth THY Heart seek the welfare of THY servant!!! BLESSED ABBA YAHUVEH, truly THOU hast made provision for my soul and ransomed me from hell. THOU hast, by the BLOOD of THY SON, made ATONEMENT. HE is the PASSOVER LAMB that taketh away the sins of the world! Thank YOU BELOVED MOST HIGH for raising me from the darkness! THY Wrath once was upon me, for by transgressions did I seek to prosper. Yet, THOU didst show mercy and brought me unto the WELLSPRING of LIVING WATERS; “YAHUSHUA” is HIS NAME!

Please lead me and guide me. Show me the better Way of Wisdom which doth issue forth from THY Heart. By the BLOOD of the LAMB do I make this petition. In HIS NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, do I beseech THY Face. THOU wilt not turn me away, for THOU art good and THY Mercy endureth forever for those striving to THEE obey. THOU art RIGHTEOUS and wilt surely hear my case. O MASHIACH, blessed is THY NAME which is ABOVE all others!

By THY suffering hast THOU delivered me from the grave. THOU didst taste of death in order to deliver me from the broad way. Once I was bound unto satan, for by transgression was I unto him a slave. Yet THOU didst break forth out of that tomb and set this captive free! Yea, THOU didst come in the FULNESS of the SPIRIT to grant Righteous Jubilee! May THY KINGDOM prosper and the Way of Life be published abroad! Send THOU me even to the ends of the earth for to preach this Good Message!

O BELOVED SPIRIT of the MOST HIGH GOD, comfort THOU me as THOU didst YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH. Take me by the hand and lead me unto Wisdom. THOU art SHKHINYAH GLORY who doth draw me unto the Cross. THOU dost show me the better way of wisdom through the crucifying of myself. By the POWER of THY SPIRIT, O MASHIACH, am I able to be used of THEE. A broken vessel of clay am I, whom THOU hast taken from the shelf. Use THOU me to pour forth the Living Waters unto others which cometh by Way of Calvary.

YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, may my life be wholly acceptable unto THEE. Grant me a greater desire to hear THY Voice that I may judge righteously. Put me not away in darkness and leave me not to heresy. I desire not to be given over unto strong delusion like the reprobate pharisees. Truly THOU art merciful, for THOU didst for me die. Yea, THOU didst also on the Third Day spring up and arise! I depend on THY BLOOD which causeth me to walk by faith and not by sight. I rely on THY Word which is a lamp unto my feet and unto my path a light. I call on THY NAME, for THOU dost for me intercede at the FATHER’S Hand Right. THOU art with me both in season and out of season, in the day and in the night. THOU hast never me left or forsaken or ever did me slight. THOU art merciful and kind, always there by my side. May THY NAME be blessed, for I exalt THEE my LORD MOST HIGH!

YAHUSHUA my SAVIOUR, this world is accursed with sin. This world doth seek to break THINE Everlasting Decrees and cast off THY Cords of Love. Yet all their efforts are in vain as THOU holdest them in derision. THOU wilt surely slay the blood-thirsty and put away their crimes. They shall be sought after but not ever found again. In hell wilt THOU cast them for not committing to THEE their times. In the land of the living had they no peace except another they entrapped in their gin. Surely THOU dost see all this. Surely THOU wilt them recompense. May my heart be bound closer to THEE lest I, like them, fall through arrogance. May it be that I am only ever counted by THEE as among THINE Inheritance.

This day do I beseech THY Face. Fair words are nice but have no meaning lest one THY Throne obeys. Hypocrites art cast out, but the righteous are made to inherit THY FATHER’S Place. Yea, they shall eat of the Green Pasture and be without lack always. But the wicked, they shall be in torment, knowing only utter waste. Free is my soul, for THOU hast me by THY POWER raised! Free from sin am I by the POWER of THINE Amazing Grace! THOU art Worthy, O YAH ELOHIM, and only to be praised! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, do I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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