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Are you pleasing to YAHUSHUA? | Heavenly Manna

Are you pleasing to YAHUSHUA? | Heavenly Manna

    OH BELOVED MASHIACH, THOU hast redeemed me from the dark depths of despair! Yea, the bars of hell had nearly closed over me but THOU didst me deliver. THOU set forth THINE Arm and raised me out of great waters. My soul would have drowned if THOU wouldest have not the bands of death from me severed. Now am I bound unto THY Throne by the Three-fold Cord of THY Life!

If I keep my faith in THEE, THOU wilt show me the secret things in THY Law. THOU wilt set me on High above mine persecutors. By applying THY Word to my life will I surely be made to overcome. THY BLOOD hath, against my neck, stayed the hands of the grievous executors! O YAHUSHUA my FAIR SAVIOUR, I am a child of Heaven; an inheritor of the FATHER’S KINGDOM! THOU hast laid not my sins to my charge but instead paid for them THYSELF. It was not in my power to deliver my soul, therefore cried I out to THEE for Deliverance. THOU didst answer and now I THEE reverence!

Mine eyes were blinded by the scales of my transgressions. Mine ears were heavy by the weight of my sin debt. By the pride of my heart was my mind shut. Yet THOU didst knock me down and made me to see, hear, and perceive the crookedness of my ways by which I was beset. THOU didst show me YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH and REDEEMER. Yea, ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU madest me to behold Salvation and the Resurrection! By HIM do I live, move, and have my being. In HIM is the wholeness of my joy!

HE is my Song at all times! HE is the reason I breathe and the hope of my life! I live to serve HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH! HE hath truly become my Salvation and driven away all my fears! HE hath healed me of my many backslidings and taken away my reproach. For HIS Love for me didst HE become a curse. For HIS Love for me didst HE upon HIMSELF take my ways perverse. Upon HIM fell the penalty for my disobedience.

ABBA YAHUVEH, from hell hast THOU me spared. If I continue on in holiness, then will I not by satan be ensnared. Let my countenance reflect the cleanliness of THY Throne. Let my heart manifest the fulness of THY SON. May HIS Face be seen in me and not mine own. Only by trusting in HIM will people escape the eternal dungeon. Be born again and follow HIS ways and thou wilt not for eternity moan. All they who seek HIS Light shall in it dwell, but not they of the darkness who only it shun. Stay far from sin, for leadeth it only to hell. Seek after righteousness and thou wilt make it home to Heaven.

O ABBA YAHUVEH, at times do I grow weary, yet THOU art there to uplift mine arms. At times do I grow faint, yet THOU art there to my heart strengthen. The POWER of THY SON, my soul, resurrects and warms. The scent of the Tree of Life doth saturate my garment. If I abide under the shadow of HIS bough, HE will me hide from the enemy’s swarms. If I but hearken and obey, HE will me keep from being alarmed. YAHUSHUA is the Tree of Peace and all they that continually eat of HIS Fruit shall not be cast out.

HE hath beckoned for me to HIM follow. HE hath called me to follow HIS Route. Up have I taken my cross, for to HIS NAME hallow. May YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S yoke be always upon my neck. May I not, HIS burden, disrespect. Cause me to be more humble that I may not, my faith in THEE, shipwreck. THOU wilt answer this plea, for truly THOU didst THY SON resurrect! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME say I thank YOU and AMEN, BELOVED HOLY ONE ELECT!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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