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Be Humble And God Will Deliver You | Heavenly Manna (13)

Be Humble And GOD Will Deliver You | Heavenly Manna (13)

   FATHER YAHUVEH, battle-weary and war-torn am I. Yet I give THEE the GLORY, GOD MOST HIGH! In the NAME ABOVE ALL Names do I come before YOUR Throne. In the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH do I enter in to the Holy of Holies. Look THOU upon my face and wipe away my tears. My trust and my faith do I put in THEE solely. THOU hast kept me from the snare of the fowler and the pit of hell! THOU hast been my Help in times of trouble! Who is so faithful as my ROCK?! Who is as lovely as my MASHIACH?!

I will leap as an hart and dance before the Living Water Brook! I will make my boast in GOD MOST HIGH, for with me hath HE dealt so pleasantly! BARUCH HABA BESHEM ADONAI! BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF YAHUVEH!

On a throne of dust, yea a dunghill, did I sit in times past. Mine inheritance was shame and perpetual hissing. All those who offered me help were but sinners in need of a SAVIOUR. Their arm was the arm of flesh; their lives, just chaff in the wind. They could not save themselves, for they all had sinned. In great misery did I look upon my life, yea the blackness of treachery is full of strife. I had sinned against the MOST HIGH GOD and in HIS Wrath did HE strike me. Yet in HIS Mercy did HE spare me. HE is YAHUVEH. HE alone doth kill and make alive.

For my transgressions did HE faithfully beat (i.e. chastise, not abuse) me. On the edge of hell did I dance. Yet HE humbled me and made me to know mine end. Without YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, ’tis only burning for eternity. Yet in the Fulness of Salvation is life and life more abundantly. In sackcloth and ashes did I repent. With much weeping, lamentations, and wailing did I my heart rend.

Blessed be the FAITHFUL MASHIACH who hath pity on the repentant sinners! Thank YOU BELOVED YAHUSHUA, for though THOU art a song of mocking among the drunkards, THOU art my New Song, my Life, and my Salvation. THOU art with me, O IMMANUEL!

PRAISE ye HIM, all ye nations! PRAISE ye HIM, all ye heathens! Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of YAHUVEH to the GLORY of GOD the FATHER and the QUEEN MOTHER**!!! O FAITHFUL YAHUVEH, blessed is the man that trusteth in THEE! Let not such an one faint by reason of THY tarrying!

In THY season, perform THOU the Word spoken unto THY prophets. Let MASHIACH descend and catch up HIS Bride. Unveil this mystery and spring forth from THY Covert. Let Mount Zion be inhabited by her KING! Let it once again be holy, a place of HIS GLORY!

My soul, rejoice thou and triumph in the Salvation of thy KING! HE hath dealt with thee most graciously and made thine cup to runneth over. Drink to the full of all that YAHUVEH of hosts hath to thee given. Recoil not thine hand but instead receive.

“I shall greatly rejoice in the works of MINE hands, for I alone have brought VICTORY and SALVATION. By MY might didst I cleanse the nations. I sprinkled them with MY BLOOD and avenged MY children. I declare the end from the beginning. I AM the ALEPH and the TAV. Tell ME ye nations, of which of thy gods can deliver thee from MY Wrath? When once MY Wrath is kindled, who can put it out? Which of your idols hath power to kill and make alive? They shall proclaim that I AM WHO I AM, for dost thou not know that the demons do quake and tremble knowing this TRUTH?” [YAHUVEH]

Let the works of the heathen be scattered and their hands be made wholly desolate! Purge this earth, O GOD, and set the heavens ablaze. THOU hast taken captivity captive and made an open show of satan. Let THY NAME be GLORIFIED and shouted from the ends of the earth! Righteousness shall be restored in the earth, for MELCHIZEDEK is soon to come!

With New Tongues of holiness do I preach forth THY PRAISE! With holy tongues do I sing of THY GLORY without shame. I am not ashamed of the Living Gospel, for HE hath anointed my feet. I shall go where ever the LAMB doth lead. Yea, HE hath led me to Calvary. Take THOU me and transform my heart. Let the old man die and THOU, through me, be GLORIFIED!

In great tears do I supplicate THY Throne. I am sorry for my transgressions. Woe is me, for I am undone! THY HOLINESS is so AWESOME! THY TRUTH is ABSOLUTE! THOU hast shed upon me THY Grace abroad. Let me prove my love for THEE and strive to live obediently. Let no lukewarmness enter mine heart. Let not compromise make me THINE enemy. I trust and cling to the Hem of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S Garment. Not by might, nor by power, but by HIS SPIRIT do I hold on tight.

My life hast THOU shaken in this year 2009. Yet upon the SOLID ROCK do I stand, for THOU hast caused me to shine. Let the LIVING MENORAH dwell within my heart, within my life, and within my mind. Shine THOU continually within the midst of this temple, for I am THINE. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

**The “QUEEN MOTHER” that I am referring to is not the false queen of heaven that the Israelites were rebuked for worshiping as mentioned in Jeremiah (7:18 and 44:15-25) and neither am I referring to the virgin Mary. The True QUEEN of Heaven is the HOLY SPIRIT. The true gender of the HOLY SPIRIT is feminine. If you do not receive this TRUTH from Heaven, know it is not a salvation issue unless you mock, for there is no forgiveness for blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT (Mark 3:22, 28-30).

Prophet Natan’el


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