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Cry out to YAHUSHUA who hears you! | Heavenly Manna

Cry out to YAHUSHUA who hears you! | Heavenly Manna

    My ABBA YAHUVEH, so fair and true is THY Pure Doctrine. They point to MASHIACH who is the Word-made-flesh. I searched the Scriptures for eternal life and THY SPIRIT did show me they speak of YAHUSHUA who hath become my MASHIACH. PRAISE be to the LIVING GOD who hath saved me from an eternity of burning! I have been rescued from the parched and dry land wherein is no life but perpetual destruction.

O my GOD, THOU hast seen my heart and the afflictions therein. THOU knowest my life and the ravages it hath experienced. Yea, tossed and afflicted am I, but not forsaken. Cursed and persecuted am I by the wicked, but by THEE blessed. In the Beauty of THY Presence hast THOU made me to now dwell. By the BLOOD of the LAMB hast THOU given me clean entrance. May it be that I forever abide in THY house, never having to depart. O my heart is captivated by THY TRUTH, for THOU hast shed THY Love upon me. Yea, my MASHIACH hath poured forth HIS BLOOD upon me, taking away my sins.

HE hath delivered me of my illness and changed my name. In the evening, in the morning, and at noon have I cried unto my GOD and each time hath HE heard me. HE hath faithfully given me answer.

O MASHIACH, what is this grief that I do feel? ‘Tis as a sickness that doth try to me swallow. Yet have I faith in THEE for deliverance, for in times passed hast THOU always brought me through. Yea, THOU hast brought me through the fire and not a hair on me was burned. THOU didst use the fire to consume mine adversaries, bringing them down to the pit. MESSIAH my KING, THOU art my Salvation in whom I trust! O YAHUSHUA my BRIDEGROOM, it is THEE that I love!

In THY Perfect Time dost THOU always give me the revelations that I need. THOU dost take away my fears and purge me of all dross. I am still in the furnace, but o my soul is this not what thou hast from HIM desired? Is this not what thou hast prayed for every single day? Complain thou not when the KING doth grant thee thy petitions. Thou hast desired this baptism of fire that thou mayest be purified. Be still and know that YAH is ELOHIM. May calmness come over thee and rest upon thy countenance. May thou wearest it as a mantle and be at peace in the midst of the storm. It will not always last forever and ’tis not for thy destruction.

So, be at peace and trust in the ROCK of Israel. HE hath never failed those who earnestly put their trust in HIM. Give not heed to faithlessness and idolatry. Put not thy hope in that which cannot save. Put away from thee all forms of malice and covetousness. The devil shouts louder when thy deliverance doth become more near. Trust ye in YAHUSHUA, for HIS Delivering Arm hath HE stretched forth. With HIS High Hand will HE in HIS Timing take thee from the furnace.

By counsel of HIS SPIRIT, now have I understanding. HE is refining me that I may be ready at HIS Coming. O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, please forgive me for this doubt. I call upon THEE for THY Mercy and turn to THEE with all my heart! When THOU dost come, may it be that I am, to meet THEE, found worthy! Let my lamp runneth over and my heart be unto THEE wholly given over. So enraptured by THY love am I, for THOU hast saved me from torment! THOU hast proven THY Love for me and so may I do the same. In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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