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Do I Have to Seek the LORD? | Heavenly Manna

Do I Have to Seek the LORD? | Heavenly Manna

    O BELOVED YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, THOU hast poured forth THY Grace in my life like an overrunning flood. Yea, THOU hast arisen upon me and given me hope and a future. I lay myself down in the Palm of THY Hand and meditate on THY Sweet Word. THOU hast hidden me in the CLEFT of the ROCK, in the nail print within THY Palm. THOU hast covered my transgressions and wholly washed them away. I give THEE the GLORY for this GREAT and MIGHTY DELIVERANCE!

Help me to obey THY Commands. What doesn’t please THEE in my life, may it not please me either. Heal me of all backslidings and shameful reproach. Cause me to grow up into the Fulness of the New Man. I am a New Creation, shaped by the Merciful Hands of the POTTER. With each breath that I take, so may it be that I understand ’tis a gift from THEE.

I lay myself before THEE and desire the more perfect way of Wisdom. Apply THY Rod of Chastisement where ever ’tis needed. Grant me a more perfect hunger for THY Righteousness. At times I am distracted by the workings of my flesh. Why, O my soul, dost thou entertain these thoughts? Why dost thou not call upon MESSIAH’S Strength? HIS plans for thee are marrow to thy bones and health to thy navel. HE hath gone before thee and paid the ULTIMATE PRICE!

Cast aside these distractions and rebuke thou the devourer. he cometh not but to steal, murder, and destroy. Trust in HIM alone who hath given HIS Life that thou mayest have life more abundantly! Strive not, worry not, but instead commit all thy ways unto the MASTER ELOHIM who is well able to deliver thee. Trust in YAHUSHUA thy MASHIACH alone, for thou art a sheep of HIS Pasture.

Dost thou think HE will leave or forsake thee? Art thou in outright rebellion against the GOOD SHEPHERD? HE will never leave or forsake those who strive to obey. O my soul, ye of little faith, why dost thou look upon the perplexed seas and not on the MESSIAH BRIDEGROOM?

O my soul, why dost thou cast thyself down? Why dost thou trust in thine own strength and the word of thine own mouth? Be still, cease thy strivings and know that YAHUSHUA is thy ELOHIM! Again, wait thou upon the GOOD MASTER and commit thy ways unto HIM. HE knoweth how to shepherd HIS own. HE will not abuse or thee accuse. Thou knowest this. Do well and hearken diligently unto HIM.

With thy worryings, thou art grieving the MOST HIGH. Is HIS Love not sufficient for thee in all things? Embrace HIM, fellowship with HIM, and study HIS Word! Take not for granted thy relationship with HIM. To whom much is given, much is required. O my soul, wake up in the NAME of YAHUSHUA thy MASHIACH and render service unto the KING! O my darling soul, wake up and be not dismayed, for thy KING cometh at the Trumpet blasting!

Rejoice, ye my soul, for thou art clothed in the BLOOD of the LAMB! Work out thy Salvation with fear and trembling. Do quickly what HE hath called thee to do. Trust in YAHUSHUA thy MASHIACH and all shall be well. Trust in thine own understanding and thou shalt fall into hell. Let my soul rejoice, for now do I understand! HE shall in HIS Presence cause me to forever dwell. HALLELUYAH!!! AMEN!

Though I was conceived in sin and shapen in iniquity, THOU hast not left me desperate. THOU hast fulfilled the desire of mine heart and saved me from being swallowed by the water’s swell. ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY unto ABBA YAHUVEH the KING!!! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME, doth my soul pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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