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Do NOT believe the devil’s lies! | Heavenly Manna

Do NOT believe the devil’s lies! | Heavenly Manna

    THY TRUTH is a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD that doth cleave the heathen in the midst of the earth. The slaughter of YAHUVEH reacheth from one end of heaven to the other. The GREAT GOD of Israel is mighty in war. HE suffered HIS KINGDOM to suffer violence. But HE shall now arise and spring forth from HIS Covert. Woe be unto the heathen, for when the KING cometh in great fury it shall be with an overrunning flood from HIS Bowls of Curses! HIS judgments shall sound with many Trumpet bursts. Yea, HE cometh with ten-thousands of HIS saints to execute the ungodly who blaspheme HIS NAME and mock HIS holy ones!

Who shall abide in that Great and Dreadful Day of the MOST HIGH?! Who shall endure and be hid in the Palm of HIS Hand? They who walk uprightly before HIM, behaving with sure communications. They who shun the ways of the world and take up their crosses daily. YAH is well-pleased with the humble at heart. HE cutteth the time short for their sake. HE is jealous for the flock of HIS Inheritance and will in no wise cast them away. YAHUVEH shall take vengeance on the wolves and them slay!

YAHUVEH is our FATHER and ROCK of SALVATION! HE hath provided HIS SON YAHUSHUA to be our SAVIOUR. My GOD rideth upon the clouds! HE hath holpen me in the times of despair and changed my sackcloth to garments of praise. HE hath set me on High and lifted up mine head above mine enemies. Though ten-thousands of the blood-thirsty encamp round about me, I shall not be moved. Though the gates of hell be opened against me, I shall prevail. By the BLOOD of my MESSIAH LAMB am I the head and not the tail. By HIS Grace have I been appointed blessings and not cursings. My name is engraved upon HIS Hands by the crucifixion nails. I owe it all to THEE, my BLESSED HOPE! My life is in THINE Hands, for THOU hast paid the PRICE.

satan and this world could not persuade me against THY Love. No flood of ungodliness can ever me suffice. I am bought by the PRECIOUS BLOOD of the LAMB: be gone satan, I have had enough! Take your lies and take your rewards, they are altogether vanity and a howling of the wind! I shall not bow down to the illusion of lust. Take your filthy lucre and take your filthy gains, for they profit not against what lies beneath earth’s crust. Because Wisdom hath fled from thee, thy power hath been crushed. By MESSIAH’S Heel hath thy head been made to partake of the dust. The LORD YAHUVEH holds thee in derision, for thou art broken and corrupt. YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, who is the Right Hand of the LIVING GOD, stands against you satan! Be gone! Get lost!

BLESSED SAVIOUR of Israel, ’tis only a short time and THOU wilt appear in the eastern sky. Count us worthy to be the Bride and help us pay the High Cost. May our garments be spotless and our fruit ripe. May our hearts be pure and with THY BLOOD awashed. Transform us from the inside out. Make us to rise at the Great Shout. We cling to THY Hem purely by faith. Come YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, come; ’tis getting late! THY Timing is Perfect. THOU shalt appear on that Date! Grant us peace that we may patiently wait! Grant us calmness that we may enter THY Gate. We bless THY HOLY NAME and are not ashamed.

We shall not give up or give in to ungodly hate. We shall not fall for satan’s traps and our brothers berate. Help us, O GOD, and grant us THY Word that we may finish the end time race. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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