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Do You Have the Strength to Overcome? | Heavenly Manna

Do You Have the Strength to Overcome? | Heavenly Manna

    Help THOU me to walk atop the waters. Though the swirling seas and the hurricane forces do form against me, I shall not be dismayed. THOU hast anointed me to war and caused me to overcome. I shall trust in the SOLID ROCK who is mine ANCHOR. THOU hast well-fortified this broken vessel of clay. THOU hast humbled me time after time. THOU art FAITHFUL, LORD ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH!

Let me be found without the sin of Samson. May mine eyes not behold perverse things and things to no avail. I have made a covenant with mine eyes that I shall only look up to the eastern skies. Yea, let mine eyes behold the Beauty of THY Face which shineth forth more powerful than a thousand dawns. Cause me to ride swiftly upon the wind for to meet THEE in the air. That is my desire, O FAITHFUL ONE of Israel.

Make me to bend to THY will, for THOU wilt not bend to mine. Art not THY Ways higher than my ways? Yea, as far as THY Throne is above the earth, even so is THY Wisdom. Grant me the fruit of THY Wisdom. Let me partake of the Tree of Life. Yea, in the SPIRIT, THOU hast filled my bowels. My bowels do yearn for THY Coming. With all that I am, do I meditate on THY Precepts and hope in YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S Return.

Count me worthy to meet HIM in the air. Anoint me that I may climb Jacob’s Stair! I desire the Narrow Road no matter the cost. Many travel down the broad way, not knowing they are lost. Cause me to, until HIS Return, travel the High Road of unfeigned surrender. THOU hast so far carried me and wilt continue to, so tender. What can I unto THEE, for THY Mercy, render? How can I say thanks for the things THOU hast done? THOU gavest, for the atoning of my soul, THINE Only Begotten SON! THOU requirest of me not sacrifice but to be obedient. May mine actions declare my love for THEE. May my life be purged of all iniquity.

I set my gaze upon the high top of Mount Zion. All the nations shall flow unto the RIGHTEOUS KING! GO ye up to Zion, ye kings of the north! GO ye up, all ye kings of the earth! The least and the greatest, the servant and the master, the buyer and the seller shall cease to run to and fro. They shall all of them honor the GREAT I AM! They shall all of them bow before the RISEN LAMB! HE shall not at all acquit the guilty. HE shall judge HIS people with righteousness and equity. Not by sight nor by hearing, but by HIS SPIRIT shall HE judge the nations.

Yea, HE shall rule the nations with a Rod of Iron and slay the wicked with the breath of HIS Fury. HE shall avenge the blood of HIS innocent ones and make the heathen to lick the dust. YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH is Fair and TRUE. HE is our AVENGER and Constant INTERCESSOR! Give GLORY unto the LAMB, for HE was slain but is forever more alive! PRAISE HIM for HIS undying Love!

HE hath not at all judged us according to our transgressions. Nay, our punishment fell upon HIM. HE was led to the slaughter without a voice of complaint. HE hath become our ATONEMENT and delivered us from the tyrant. Those who receive HIS BLOOD shall be made whiter than snow. They who endure unto the end shall be saved from Eternal Woe.

Let us clap our hands and open our mouths! Let us, with clean hands and pure hearts, bow before HIS Holy Throne! HE is deserving of our loyalty and diligence. The LOFTY ONE of Israel doth, in HIS Mercy, humble HIMSELF to receive our affection. HE is the ANCIENT of Days and beyond our comprehension. HE is the INFINITE ONE and CREATOR of all! Let us give thanks, for HE hath made us to leap like calves out of the stall! HALLELUYAH!!! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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