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Does GOD Share HIS Secrets With You? | Heavenly Manna

Does GOD Share HIS Secrets With You? | Heavenly Manna

LORD SOVEREIGN ABBA YAH, come down and fill me with THY Love. Send forth THINE SON and warm my heart. Cause HIM to arise upon me and fill me with the Breath of New Life. Let THY Gladness transform mine heart and make it new. I seek to be a vessel of the New Wine. Out of the abundance of THINE Heart, fill THOU me. Cause me to dance above the meadow with butterfly wings. Let the Sweet Nectar of THY Garden be my meat. Let not the net of the evil one ensnare my life. Carry me with the Wind of THY SPIRIT.

YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, by THY BLOOD am I granted favor in the KING’S Sight. Be THOU my INTERCESSOR and have mercy on me. By THY BLOOD, THOU hast redeemed me! By THY POWER, THOU hast saved me! Let me lean onto THY Staff and trust in THY Wisdom. Let my “yea” be “yea” and my “nay” be “nay.” Let me not depart from the Hand of the LIVING YAHUVEH!

Shield me with the POWER of THY Word and cause mine adversaries to be swallowed up. Take them in their craftiness and put them to shame. Let their shame cover them as the darkness of hell swalloweth its citizens. Let not the rejoicing of mine enemies cause THEE reproach any longer. Shorten their time for THINE elects’ sakes. Have mercy on the Seat of THY Throne and render judgment!

ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU STRONG ROCK, cause this overflowing scourge to be swallowed up. Shameful slandering do they hurl at THINE apostles! Lies and taunts do they cowardly shoot forth. They hide in the darkness and devise lies against THY KINGDOM. They are afraid of the Light, for their deeds they desire not to be revealed. Yet, nothing is hid from THEE, O CREATOR GOD. THINE Eyes go to and fro across the earth. THOU beholdest all things both good and bad. Render a just recompence unto THY foes! Let them taste the swiftness of THY SWORD! Spare not in the Day of Great Slaughter!

We rejoice in the Triumph of our KING! We rejoice in the VICTORY of our SOVEREIGN LORD! HE hath satiated the desire of HIS Eyes and made the nations to drink of the Cup of the Fierceness of HIS Wrath. They are altogether drunken and condemned. They are taken in the shamefulness of their own sins. They have worshipped the created instead of the CREATOR. Therefore HE hath made them to drink the Cup of Strong Delusion that they all might be damned. Let the SOVEREIGN LORD be exalted and magnified! Let HIS NAME be upon the tip of every singing tongue! Let the earth and the fulness thereof stand up and praise YAH!

Blessed be the HIGH and EXALTED ONE of Eternity! HIS Abode is from this time forth and even forever more! HIS SON is the ETERNAL ELECT who hath been chosen to redeem mankind. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is LORD! We confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that HE is risen forever more! We put our hands to the plow and harvest in the field. HE hath anointed our hands to war, therefore we fight in the battlefield. VICTORY hath been assured so long as we do not doubt.

Forgive me for my doubting and lack of faith. Though the righteous man fall, when he getteth back up he is seven times stronger! THOU hast kept my foot from slipping into the pit. THOU hast raised me once again from the mire of my frustrations. PRAISE be to ADONAI YAHUVEH!!! Blessed be the RIGHTEOUS REDEEMER who hath clothed mine nakedness! Blessed be the RIGHTEOUS LAMB who was pierced for my transgression! Blessed be my ETERNAL ROCK who hath provided me a Covert!

Take this prayer of mine, O MOMMA SHKHINYAH, and by the BLOOD of the LAMB send it forth as a kiss blown on the wind. Hear THOU mine utterance, O BLESSED ABBA YAH! Thank YOU for not forsaking me though my heart quaked with unbelief! Thank YOU for forgiving me and setting me free! Blessed be THY SON and the Throne upon which THOU sittest! Blessed is the Soon Coming KING! Blessed is HE who cometh in the NAME of YAHUVEH! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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