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Enemies of GOD will NOT Prevail | Heavenly Manna

Enemies of GOD will NOT Prevail | Heavenly Manna

    Open THOU the Red Sea and let THY children walk over safely. Be pleased to part the flood of ungodliness, that we, the people of THY flock, may enter the wilderness. Yea though we do inhabit the wilderness, ’tis only for a season. THOU dost provide Living Waters from the Flinty Rock. THOU art our Provider, LORD ABBA YAHUVEH!

The scorpion and fiery flying serpent shall not overthrow us. Our shoes shall not wear out and neither shall our weapons rust. THOU hast encompassed us about with a Pillar of Fire. THOU hast separated us from the men-pleasers and the liar. For a time they walked with us, but only for their vanity’s sake. They appeared as the most innocent of lambs but inwardly they were ravening wolves.

In THY Wrath THOU didst send forth a whirlwind and discovered their inward parts. Full of dead men’s bones are they, for many have they slain. Their works are all corrupt and their hearts reprobate. The bellows blew and the smelter crafted the metal; yet, in vain hath he worked, for the dross is not taken away! Depart from me therefore, ye inferior ones! Depart from me ye impure vessels and enter thou in to the abode prepared for thy father! There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth!

ABBA YAHUVEH I come before THEE to supplicate THY Great Throne. THY NAME is my High Tower and Refuge of Strength. Yea though the waves of the ungodly do rise against me, I shall not be afraid. Every Word, Promise, and Deed of THINE is a YEA and AMEN! Though ten thousands of bloody and deceitful men do make siege against me, I shall not faint! THY Rod and THY Staff, they do comfort me. THOU wilt make utterly desolate the right hand of the fowler. With THY DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD, THOU wilt cleave the power of his youth. In perpetual reproach shall he abide, for he made not his god the MOST HIGH.

Mine life is in THINE Hand and all my workings are ever before THEE. I cannot escape THINE Awesome Sight! Shake THINE Right Hand and send forth the chariots of THY whirlwind. Cause me to ascend on the wings of the wind. Plant me in the midst of THY Throneroom. Cause me to with my eyes behold THY Face. Have mercy on me and answer me soon. Make no tarrying, for this dung heap am I ready to flee apace!

Grant me the peace to abide in THY Timing. Let me not be hasty in my dealings. Let me not fall to the left or to the right. I rebuke these distractions and call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA the GUIDING LIGHT! THOU hast brought me through the valley of dark despair. THOU hast caused THINE RADIANT SON to arise in the air. HE hath baptized me in the Rays of HIS TRUTH. HE hath pierced the darkness that kept me bound. HE hath set this captive free by proclaiming jubilee! With the words of my heart do I make a joyful sound!

MESSIAH BEN YAHUVEH, THOU hast THY Hand upon my life. Strengthen me that I fall not in the days ahead. I am THINE. May I ever be found in the Covenant THOU hast in THY BLOOD signed. THY Law hath I about my hands, neck, and head bound. THOU hast set me atop a hill that I may for THEE shine. Within my walls hast THOU placed the LIVING MENORAH. Yea, THOU dost dwell on the table of my heart.

Steer this ship aright, for I desire not to be as one just passing in the night. Let me come unto the Safe Haven and be forever anchored to the ROCK of my Salvation. THOU art HE, the ROCK of AGES and ANCIENT of Days. I bow before THY Throne and cry “Worthy!” By the BLOOD of the LAMB have I received restoration. By the BLOOD of the LAMB am I accepted in THY Sight! Blessed be THY NAME, for in THEE, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, am I reconciled! Blessed be our ABBA YAHUVEH, for HE hath with HIS own SON made ATONEMENT! Blessed be the HOLY TRINITY for this ACT of REDEMPTION and MERCY! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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