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“Fear not,” says the LORD! | Heavenly Manna

“Fear not,” says the LORD! | Heavenly Manna

    Mine eyes are heavy with sleep and my heart sluggish by reason of fatigue. Yet will I wait upon THEE, my GLORIOUS ABBA YAHUVEH, for by THY joy shall I mount up with wings like an eagle. THOU knowest mine downsitting and uprising. THOU art nearer to me than my next breath. If I should flee to the ends of the earth, behold, there wilt THOU be. If I should hide mineself in a cave, behold, there wilt THOU comfort me. Should I lie down in the grave, lo, from thence wilt THOU call me.

Yea, THOU art the lifter up of mine head! THOU art the refiner of metals and purifier of the sons of Levi. THOU art the ROCK of my COSTLY SALVATION! THOU art HE who sitteth enthroned between the cherubim! Day and night cease not they to cry, “HOLY! HOLY!! HOLY!!! is HE who was, is, and forever shall be!!!!” I echo that cry and declare it with my actions. Let my “yea” be “yea” and my “nay” be “nay!” Let not hypocrisy take hold of my reins!

FAITHFUL and TRUE MASHIACH of Heaven, THOU beholdest my face in love. I am THY broken vessel of clay which awaiteth for the next step. Proclaim unto me what THOU dost desire. Yea though it may go against my flesh, yet will I continue in this crucible by fire. THOU dost try my faith and maketh it to grow. The growing pains of my faith are more precious than gold; yea, than the fine gold of Ophir.

Help me to walk by faith and not by fear! I have had enough of shedding so many tears! Heal me of this broken heart; ravaged by the terror over so many years. THOU art the AUTHOR and FINISHER of my faith. THOU hast done THINE, now please help me to do my part! THOU hast, with the BLOOD of the LAMB, given me a New Start. Everything that could be shaken was shaken in the year 2009. I owe it all to THEE, for still am I standing, not having crossed that holy line.

The judases were revealed as well as those called trust-worthy. THOU didst raise up brethren to with THY Love help me. THOU hast led me forth through the midst of the turbulent sea. THOU and THOU alone art so very WORTHY! THOU and THOU alone art to receive PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY! Therefore give I it THEE, with all sincerity. Therefore bow I at THY Throne, gratefully. Only do I stand because of THINE abounding Mercy! “Be ye set apart as I AM Set Apart,” is the Command THOU givest so truthfully. THOU art blessed beyond measure, for none can unto THEE compare!

I have cast off this sickness of fear. By the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH cast I upon HIM all my cares. HE is FAITHFUL and HE is TRUE. HE hath by HIS Life ransomed me from the evil lair. HE hath made me to ride upon HIS High Places; yea, to ascend Jacob’s Stair. HE hath succoured me with milk and honey. HE hath made mine lungs to breathe Heaven’s Air. HE hath given me comfort where once I was so lonely. I was in the seat of great grief, depression, and despair.

HE hath anointed mine hands to plow, therefore I will not look back but only up to see my BELOVED so Fair. HE cometh in the eastern sky so take heed and be aware! Let not anyone steal thy BLESSED HOPE, for surely HE will come at the trumpet’s blare.

Give GLORY unto YAHUVEH alone, for with another HE will not HIS HONOR share! Blessed HE is who cometh in the NAME of YAHUVEH the KING! Blessed is YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, for HE cometh to separate the wheat and the tares! Blessed is our GOOD SHEPHERD who divideth the goats from the sheep! Come YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, COME! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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