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Fear NOT when the heavens are shaken! | Heavenly Manna

Fear NOT when the heavens are shaken! | Heavenly Manna

    O come my BELOVED MASHIACH and carry me away! The war is fierce and the trouble is great, yet under the shadow of THY Wings will I abide. By THY SPIRIT, my heart shall not grow faint or wax cold. THOU hast given me faith enough to overcome this dark veil, this vomit that hath been spewed forth from hell. I will look to THEE and follow THY Commands. They are sure and solid. They are the FIRM FOUNDATION upon which I build. Though the skies do shake and convulse with the rage of satan, I shall not be with fear filled. Though the prince of the power of the air is cast down, I shall not let him my faith kill.

I shall press on and in to the fullness of THY Presence still. Yea, I shall continue to unto THEE surrender my will. THOU shalt continue, my heart, to lovingly till. Yea, THOU hast rid me of all shame and guilt. For them who are in THEE, there is no more condemnation or void to be filled. THOU hast made me whole, healing me of that which made me ill. THOU, YAHUSHUA REDEEMER, hath brought back my soul from the grave! THOU hast healed my backslidings and t’was with no pill! It was by THY PRECIOUS BLOOD, shed for humanity on Calvary Hill!

O BELOVED YAHUSHUA my STRENGTH, I do rejoice in the fact that I am saved! Let not lukewarmness grab hold of my reins! Let it not cause me to walk smug. Let only THY TRUTH be within me snug. No matter the temptation that cometh my way, may I be humble enough to rebuke it instead of allowing my members to with it play. May my flesh be crucified and not allowed to live. May my spirit man grow stronger in THY Word by the washing therewith each day.

I have not the strength, of mine ownself, to overcome this life. I knew not how to live until THOU didst cause me to from death to life passover. I was conceived in sin and born for strife. Yet THOU didst intervene and with YAHUSHUA’S BLOOD didst me cover. O YAHUVEH, THOU didst convict my heart with the sharpness of THY Word. Circumcision of my heart didst THOU perform with the POWER of THY Sword. By the POWER that did roll the stone away from YAHUSHUA THINE EXALTED ONE, so by it hast THOU away my flesh rolled. I give THEE the GLORY for causing me to come forth!

Once I was in bondage and unto sin sold. Yet THOU, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, came and paid for my soul’s worth. The value of my life is not based upon who I am but upon who THOU art. THOU sheddest THY BLOOD and kept not a drop back. I bow before THY Throne knowing so pure is THY Heart. Blessed is the man to whom the LORD YAHUVEH will not impute sin! Blessed is MESSIAH YAHUSHUA who hath made ATONEMENT and done HIS part!

THOU hast given me THY SPIRIT that I may overcome by being obedient. There is no temptation that I cannot overcome, if I will but hearken my ears and know no fear. Yea, if I will but lean upon THY Staff and allow THEE to for me mediate, then I shall escape hell and endless tears. I am THINE, bought with THY PRECIOUS BLOOD! Thank YOU for THY Fount of Purity! Thank YOU for from hell saving me!! Thank YOU for giving THY Life on the Tree!!!

O ABBA YAHUVEH, thank YOU for the PRECIOUS GIFT of THINE Only Begotten SON! Thank YOU for not sparing HIM and by HIS BLOOD making between us reconciliation! Though we hath not always been faithful, THOU hast always been. THOU art the ANCIENT of Days and without end! Thank YOU for giving me these words for THY adoration! Thank YOU for filling the lungs of this THY servant that I may THEE give exaltation! THOU art WORTHY and hast granted unto man SALVATION! I receive of THY Cup and partake of the Bread, for with THEE only do I desire Communion. May my heart be overlaid with the spirit of contrition. May my love for THEE be true and not filled with falsehood and attrition. Let GODLY sorrow worketh in me which bringeth forth true repentance. By the BLOOD of the LAMB shall I receive THY forgiveness. With the turning away from my sins will I show THEE obedience. Through the SHED BLOOD of the LAMB, with faith in action, shall I have a Good Witness. THOU wilt not receive a false confession. Let the lying way and the stumbling block be put far from me! May it be removed as far as the west is from the east!

Let not mine hand be put forth unto greed. Nay, let me be content with what THOU hast given me. If I put THEE first in my life and love, THOU wilt supply all that I need. O YAH, let me not have that which I want if it will cause me to fall into idolatry. I trust in THY Heart, for THOU wilt not commit me to iniquity. THOU hast delivered me from such and ’tis for THY PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY! I am at THY service and willing in this day and hour. THOU art good and merciful, for THOU hast not judged me according to that which I deserve. Please forgive me for any complaining, grumbling, or murmuring. Of a truth I do know that THOU only desirest my soul to prosper. May THY NAME be lifted on High and THY SON come forth and shine! In HIS NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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