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GOD Defends HIS Servants | Heavenly Manna

GOD Defends HIS Servants | Heavenly Manna

    My members shake and quake in great fear at THY Awesome and Terrible Throne! High Praises flow in and around THY Throne. Great is THY NAME and great is THY Word! THOU lookest with great love upon THY Word to perform it. Perform THOU the Oath and uphold THY Faithful Commands. What is sin in heaven is sin on earth. THOU changest not for any man, woman, child, or creature. There is no shadow of turning with THEE.

Steadfast is my GREAT ROCK and SALVATION! Holiness becometh THINE house, O YAH! Stretch forth THINE Hand and comfort me. Yea, shield me in the Day of Great Distress. The heathen spawn rage and roar, for in great derision dost THOU have them. THOU sittest in the heavens and ruleth with a High Hand.

ABBA YAHUVEH, I pour out my heart unto THEE. Take me and shape me as THOU wilt. Set me forth in the Prosperous Way. Set my feet beside the Still Waters. As a deer panteth for relief, so pant I after THEE. THOU alone art my Salvation! If my help cometh not from THEE, then whereto shall I flee? THOU alone doest wonders and miracles! By THY Life am I set apart unto glory.

Upon the wings of the Wind wilt THOU come, BELOVED MASHIACH of mine. At the command of the FATHER wilt THOU arrive in time. Count me worthy to escape the Day of Distress; seal me with THY Sign.

The wicked do plot against THY children and gnash at them with their teeth. They brand us as liars, men-haters, and thieves. They wrest our words and profane THY NAME. When wilt THOU take vengeance and cut off the enemy?! Let not their words be unaccounted for. From their mouths to THY Throne, so may each word be. With forked-tongues do they preach and call us dogs. Yet they are the ones turned back to their vomit and shame, and unto the sty as hogs. Prepare the Great Slaughter and cause them to drink of the Fierceness of THY Wrath! Even to the very dregs thereof may they have their fill.

I will both lay me down and rest in THINE Ark. Hide me in the SECRET PLACE of the MOST HIGH, THOU GLORY SHKHINYAH. Cause the Peace of the PRINCE to overflow me as a flood. Cleanse THOU my wounds and bind them with YAHUSHUA’S Robes of Righteousness.

Heal me of mine infirmities by the Power of THY BLOOD. Let the meditations of my heart and the words of my mouth be pleasing and acceptable unto THEE. Transform me by the Power of THY GLORY! In YOUR NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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