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GOD Rescues HIS Children From Evil | Heavenly Manna (15)

GOD Rescues HIS Children From Evil | Heavenly Manna (15)

    ABBA YAHUVEH, I come before THEE in the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, THINE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. THOU art Beautiful and full of Undefiled Righteousness! May ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY be bestowed upon THEE!!!

FATHER YAHUVEH, THINE KINGDOM is Upright and full of Light! May THY Law proceed forth from Zion from this time forth and even forever more. May Salvation shine unto the uttermost parts of the earth. The earth is THINE and the fulness thereof. Let the earth rejoice and shout for joy at the coming of the KING! Let the saints arise from the dust and the living be caught up with them in the air.

Let the heathen be put to shame and the hypocrites be dashed asunder. Strike forth like lightning and scatter the enemy’s camp. Deliver us, O YAH, from this generation of evil and plant us solidly before THY Throne. Let Mercy and TRUTH compass us about and THY Peace be our stay.

We hope in the LIVING ROCK who hath no flaw! HE is beyond erosion, for HE alone is the ANCIENT of Days. Set forth THY Train and may the Robe of THY Righteousness fill the Temple. Let earth and heaven be made new. Let the proud be as stubble and the haughty as chaff in the wind. Let THY STANDARD be unsheathed! May the TRUTH of THY NAME cut down the arrogant!

THOU art Sanctified in the midst of THY Camp. Be pleased and pour forth THY GLORY upon us. Wipe away our tears and create within us new hearts. Purify our ways and try our reins; see if there be any crooked thing within. May we be humble and obedient unto THY Sovereign Throne.

Blessed be the NAME of ADONAI YAHUVEH of hosts! Blessed be our JUSTIFIER and REDEEMER, for HE hath saved us by the POWER of HIS own Right Hand! May everything that hath breath praise YAH!

The wicked schemes of the foolish shall not prevail against THY saints. We are engraved upon the Palms of THY Hands. THOU hast promised never to leave or forsake us. Teach us, O YAH, and reveal to us THY Secrets. Draw us unto THY Bosom. Cleanse us with the Living Waters and wipe away our tears. Comfort us with the Beauty of THY Holiness. May THY NAME be GLORIFIED!!!

What the enemy hath devised to destroy us with, THOU hast turned around and made to be a blessing. We escape and the enemy doth fall. We overcome and the enemies are trodden under. Help us, O YAH, to seek THY Face! We are weak and weary and at times despair even of life itself. Forgive us for our lack of faith and mistrust of THEE. Forgive us for these grievous wounds we inflict upon THINE Heart. Since when hast THOU ever done us harm? Since when hast THOU sought to destroy us? Since when hast THOU told us lies?

THOU art FAITHFUL! Help us in our infirmities and deliver us from this present age. Help us to endure in obedience and walk by faith. THY Love hath covered and washed away the multitude of our sins. Be THOU MAGNIFIED and EXALTED! Be THOU FOREVER BLESSED!

Let all the nations flow unto Zion and supplicate THY Throne. Let the rebels be purged and the wicked be overthrown. Destroy and cut off all hypocrites and pretenders. Let the earth be at peace and MESSIAH ben David come! Come YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH AVENGER, COME! Come and quench THY Rage with the blood of THY foes! Stain THY Raiment and rejoice in the deliverance of THY people! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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