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GOD Will Deliver You | Heavenly Manna (3)

     Let me rejoice before THY Sovereign Throne! Though the weight of this world doth try to drown me, yet will I give THEE ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY! Let babylon sink and the inhabitants thereof. Into the depths of hell, plunge THOU them, for they seek to pervert the Purity of THY Love. Great fury hath filled my heart! Let the heathen be scattered and their devices be put to shame. Turn the nations of the ungodly into hell and crush them in THY WINEPRESS. Set forth THINE Ensign that the humble may come. Let us go up to Zion! Let us proclaim the goodness of our LORD!

The enemies wax feeble at the mention of THY NAME. Demonstrate THY Power and deliver the lame. GLORY belongeth unto the MOST HIGH alone! HE alone doth rule the nations, for HE alone is Worthy! HE alone is worthy to open the seven-sealed scroll. Let the multitudes proclaim in one accord that Honor and Blessings, Thanksgiving and Might, Power and Salvation belongeth unto the GREAT “I AM!”

YAHUVEH is my MASTER and Trusted Buckler. HE hath holpen HIS servant Israel and crowned HIM with many crowns. Let the nations beseech the LION and the LAMB! THOU hast furnished us a table in this present wilderness. THOU hast made us to partake of the Cup and the Bread. In SPIRIT and in TRUTH have we entered in to this Covenant New. OH ABBA YAHUVEH, let us abide in the VINE. Let us grow and mature, never crossing that BLOOD LINE.

ABBA YAHUVEH the resistance doth grow fierce. The enemy doth seek to hinder THY precious word going forth. Deliver me from this darkness that doth encompass me about. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall not fear. O come MASHIACH and make haste, for I cry unto THINE ear. Set forth TRUTH in mine inward parts and teach me to war. By the BLOOD of THY SACRIFICE do I rebuke this overflowing flood. Help me to hear THY Voice and crush THOU this foolish rebellion.

I have the VICTORY in the NAME and through the SHED BLOOD of the HOLY LION. Reach forth and take me. Cause me to ride upon Zion. With praises in my mouth do I sing to THY NAME. THOU wilt not leave me in the grave nor let me be ashamed. I will set THY Word before mine eyes and depart from the broad way. I hope in THY Word, for it is better to me than fine riches of gold and rubies. Help THY Servant for THY GREAT NAME'S Sake.

Be thou still, o my soul, and know that YAH is GOD. Cast thy burdens upon HIM, for HE careth for thee. Put HIM first in thy life and love and great deliverance ye shall soon see at last. Hold on tight to the Hem of YAHUSHUA the MASHIACH'S Garment, for HE will not leave thee desolate. Nay, HE shall never leave or forsake thee. Commit thy ways unto the LORD MOST HIGH and forsake the vain meddlings of the flesh. Lean upon HIS Staff and under the shadow of HIS wings be thou enmeshed.

The darkness is as light unto YAHUVEH, for from HIM can nothing be hid. Be thou encouraged thou broken-hearted soul. Seek the KING and beseech HIS Throne. Yea, beseech HIS HOLY NAME and thou shalt be healed. Lift thine eyes and look round about thee. Where are thine accusers? They are all of them hypocrites and back-biters.

THOU hast washed me in THY BLOOD. THINE Fount of Purity hath washed over me. May my soul live forever for to glorify THY NAME. May the ELECT ONE be blessed, for HE hath put off my shame. HE hath clothed me in righteousness and changed my name. HE hath revealed to me HIS secrets, those hidden within HIS Heart.

LORD YAH of the universe, blessed be the Foundation of THY Throne and Mercies of THY KINGDOM. Blessed be all they that put their trust in THEE. THOU art Worthy! THOU art the BLESSED ONE!

Take my heart and purify it still. Let me awaken with THY likeness and I shall be satisfied. Within THY Temple is the Beauty of THY Radiance. The oceans roar and bless THY NAME. The calves do break forth and in the meadow dance. From the end of the earth do we cry out the more, "COME YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, COME!" Yea, let the RISEN ONE advance! Let the Mount of Olives be cleaved asunder. Plant forth THY foot and divide the spoil. Let Mount Zion receive her KING!

And the fowls of heaven and the beasts of the field shall come, for THOU hast made a great slaughter for them. Fill ye your bellies ye carrion creatures. Fill thyself with the flesh of the heathen. All the nations that forget GOD shall be turned into hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Even so, may it be. Even so, come LORD YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH!

Come and catch away THY Bride! Purify her heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. Avenge THY NAME on her enemies. With all THY Heart, and with all THY Soul, and with all THY Mind, and with all THY Strength, feed them into the WINEPRESS of THY Wrath. Deliver us from the reprobates and all them that exchange the TRUTH for a lie. Let the SPIRIT and the Bride say, "Come!" Yea, come YAHUSHUA, O LORD, COME! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH'S NAME'S, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan'el


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