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“Hold your thoughts captive,” says the LORD! | Heavenly Manna

“Hold your thoughts captive,” says the LORD! | Heavenly Manna

    O BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, I commit my life unto THEE. THOU hast made ATONEMENT for my soul by the shedding of THINE Only Begotten SON’S innocent Life. HIS BLOOD hast THOU made to overflow me like a mighty torrent. HIS Way hast THOU made me to go. I am grateful for all that THOU hast done, from the very least to even the greatest. By THY SPIRIT hast THOU empowered me to walk not after the flesh. Though I inhabit an earthen vessel of clay, my weapons of warfare are not of such.

THOU hast committed to me the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH by which I can tear down every proud thing. Yea, every high thing that exalteth itself against THEE can I demolish. Help me to lean wholly upon THINE understanding lest I be dashed against the rocks. I serve not idols but the LIVING GOD whose NAME is “YAHUVEH.” Upon HIS SOLID ROCK do I stand. Let HIM be exalted, for HE liveth forever more!

I am bought with a PRICE. Yea, the GREAT LAMB hath purchased me for HIS service. HE hath set me free from the law of sin and death. In my place did HE stand and receive extreme ridicule. Misunderstood and crucified was HE by their treacherous rule. They exchanged the TRUTH for a lie and as a wild ass did they sniff up the wind. They followed hard after vanity and chased after that which profiteth not. They did sow to the wind and reaped the whirlwind of the Fierce Indignation and Fury of the MOST HIGH GOD.

All, all, all who follow after their footsteps shall receive double of their destruction, for these were their forefathers. They shall be dashed against the rocks and buried beneath their high places. Their bones shall be scattered as the hoarfrost and trampled like the dust. None shall remember their names in the Times of Refreshing. YAHUVEH shall exterminate their offspring, making them to cease forever. They shall suffer the fate of Cain and be rejected like Esau!

O MIGHTY GOD SUPREME, I am THY captive. THOU art my MASTER. Help me to serve THEE with joy and in faith. THOU hast not ever done me wrong but when needed hast THOU in love chastised me. Forgive me for mine transgressions and keep me from the strange woman’s house. Let me not partake of her dainties nor even look her way. She doth ensnare men by the power of her enchantments. She weaveth her lies as a spider doth her web. She enticeth both the young and the old, for she is no respecter of persons. Stay away from her will I, for she is the snare of the fowler.

O, but unto THEE will I come PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT! By the BLOOD of the LAMB do I partake of THY Fruit. THOU hast been sent from Heaven to lead me unto ALL TRUTH. Yea, by the Command of the FATHER hast THOU drawn me unto THY SON. As water is drawn from a deep dark well, so was I drawn unto HIM. Out of the depths of darkness have I been made to ascend. Yea, by HIS Three-fold Cord was I pulled from the pit. HE hath redeemed me and purified my way! I shall never be the same!

I give ALL PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY unto THINE ELECT ONE! HE hath delivered me by the POWER of HIS NAME! What have I done to deserve to be saved? It is not by reason of my righteousness but by HIS that I have been raised. At HIS Grace, sincerely, do I lay prostrate and amazed. Once I was lost in darkness for so many years of days. As the storm troubleth the deep, so did my thoughts cloud my ways. My days were consumed with mourning, dimming my already darkened gaze. My arm did fail me, for with it did I in sin engage. Peace could I not grasp, which only fed my malaise. Salvation was not of me, for my flesh only did me betray.

Then did come YAHUSHUA and drove the darkness away! By HIS Love and Shed BLOOD, did HE me captivate! Now go I on in HIS Presence where there is only joy that doth not fade. HE will never me leave or forsake, a promise HE hath by HIS Covenant New mercifully made. I will hide mineself in HIS Secret Place. I will abide under the ALMIGHTY’S shade.

“Because he hath set his love upon ME, therefore will I from destruction keep him safe. Because he hath made MY NAME his Strong Tower, I will not let him be in the grave laid. Yea, I will keep him safe, keep him alive, and through MY SON give him aide. He shall know MY Salvation and honor ME with praise!” [ABBA YAHUVEH]

Blessed ABBA YAHUVEH, certainly THOU art my ROCK and my STAY! Certainly THOU art a GOD that keepeth Covenant and hath cleansed my slate! THOU hast given me a New Beginning and a New Command. THOU hast told me to upon THEE calmly wait. THY Love for me is sure and never will abate. By THY SON can I enter Heaven, for HE is the GATE. YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH did HE, HIS Life, down lay. Yea, and HE did arise and doth for me faithfully pray.

I thank THEE YAHUSHUA, my LAMB, for the PRICE THOU didst pay! Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH, for through HIS BLOOD dost THOU me embrace! I have turned from my sins and strive to THEE obey. Use me as THOU wilt, for I am THY broken vessel of clay. In THINE Only Begotten SON’S NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, do I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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