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How do You Honor GOD? | Heavenly Manna

How do You Honor GOD? | Heavenly Manna

    Lack of faith will be the undoing of this wicked generation. When THOU comest, how few will still have faith? How few will have not sold THEE out like unto a judas? How few will still be on the Narrow Road? Only one in ten belong unto the KINGDOM of HEAVEN in these end days. O BELOVED MASHIACH, be THOU comforted to know that THY True Bride is eternally faithful unto THEE. Be THOU comforted and know that THOU hast not shed THY BLOOD in vain. THOU art the Only REDEMPTION and BLESSED HOPE! All who call upon THEE in SPIRIT and in TRUTH shall not be ashamed!

I stand before THY THRONE, O MIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH, by the BLOOD of the LAMB. I stand by the POWER of the HOLY ONE! Mine own blood is polluted, so I dare not come in my name. THOU hast offered me ATONEMENT by THY Mercy, O GREAT “I AM!”

Sing unto YAHUVEH a new song, for HE hath triumphed gloriously over sin and death! Sing unto YAHUVEH from thy heart and not with choreographed breath. Blessed be our KING MAKER, for HE alone hath power to kill and make alive! Blessed be our HOLY POTTER, for HE hath formed us by HIS Hand for such a time as this! Bless the Heart of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH and walk by faith! Take HIS yoke upon you and enter in to HIS rest. Every Promise of HIS is a “YEA and AMEN,” therefore endure in obedience!

ABBA YAHUVEH, my mind doth wander to and fro. In the night hours, sleep doth flee from this holy nest. Drive these torments away and comfort me by THY Grace. I am THINE; bought with the LAMB’S BLOOD, so PRECIOUS! HALLELUYAH for this great deliverance! HALLELUYAH, for HIS mercy endureth forever for all those who walk by faith!

Increase THOU mine faith. Have mercy on this one whom THOU broughtest up from such a lowly estate. THOU hast made me, to in THEE, sit in Heavenly Places. Yea, THOU hast delivered me from past disgraces. I once lived my life feeding off of hate. THOU hast taken away that stone heart and replaced it with flesh. Once I ran toward hell by esteeming all it embraces. Yet, now THOU hast caused me to run through a troop and unto Heaven race!

I give THEE the GLORY for, from hell, causing me to escape! THOU hast granted me reprieve while upon THEE did they gape. The bulls of Bashan did encompass THEE about and disfigured THY Shape. Beaten beyond recognition wast THOU, crushed like harvest grapes. O PRECIOUS is THY BLOOD that floweth down and covereth me! O PRECIOUS is THY SON; my BELOVED SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA!

THOU hast given me a new song with which I shall teach the nations. THOU hast given me a new heart beat, for through my veins doth flow the BLOOD of SALVATION! Take me YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH and cause me to enter through the Gates! Come down and shine forth brighter than the sun of THY creation! Shoot forth THY rays and discomfit the son of perdition. Pluck him from the earth and throw him into destruction. Let the earth be glad and the fulness thereof, for MASHIACH hath come and made all things new! In THY NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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