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I cried out to GOD and HE answered! | Heavenly Manna

I cried out to GOD and HE answered! | Heavenly Manna

    O ABBA YAHUVEH, many tears have I! THOU knowest every tear that I have and will cry. All those shed for righteousness’ sake dost THOU hold in a vial. THOU beholdest my downsitting and uprising. There is nothing about me that THOU dost not know. In THEE take I my refuge, for THOU hast made my crooked paths straight. My only desire is to be by THY Side. When wilt MASHIACH come and catch me up alive? Yet do I commit myself unto prayer and wait until that time.

THOU art FAITHFUL to hear my cries. THOU hearest all my sighs. In this world have I had much tribulation, and though more shall come, still will I in THEE abide. If I abide in THY SON, HE will make me to know THY GLORY. HE hath overcome this world and all its temptations. HE doth despise that which is to men alluring. That which is highly exalted by men is reckoned unto HIM an abomination. The whole world lieth in wickedness, for from YAH hath it gone a whoring. O the tears THOU must have, O HOLY DADDY YAHUVEH! May it be with my actions that I bring a smile to THY Face. My obedience to THY Throne is as kisses to THY cheek. Only am I accepted by THEE because of THY SON’S SACRIFICE. It is by THY SON’S SACRIFICE that I have access to THY grace.

ABBA YAHUVEH, THOU art FAITHFUL to silence the enemies’ cries. THOU art FAITHFUL to take vengeance and expose their lies! O my MESSIAH KING, they will not prevail no matter how hard they try. O BELOVED YAHUSHUA, THOU confoundest them who think themselves wise. Through THY Law, THOU hast made me to over mine enemies arise.

Truly with THEE is True Riches. Truly in THEE do I have VICTORY! This world is too much for me, for I am but dust. I cannot of mine own strength prevail or defeat any lust. This world is a dung heap which I refuse to trust. I will make mine house upon the SOLID ROCK, for HE alone hath made my fears to hush. HE causeth my worries to cease and my pride to be crushed.

O YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, the earth is full of THY GLORY but the world’s system, ’tis only fit to be judged. It hath been given over to sin through mankind’s disobedience. Yet THOU art making all things new through the BLOOD THOU didst gush. Clothe me in THY POWER and cause me to ascend on High. Cause me to THEE meet when THOU appearest in the eastern sky. Come YAHUSHUA my LORD, COME! It is by THY SPIRIT that we draw nigh!

O FATHER in Heaven, THOU art the MOST HIGH! THOU hast humbled THYSELF to receive my urgent cry. The dark seas did rage and roar and spewed forth their venomous tide. If it had not been for THY Help, then would I have died. THOU didst bare THY GLORIOUS Right Arm and pulled me from despair. By THY Mercy didst THOU to save me decide! It was my fault that I slipped, for from my calling didst I, like Jonah, flee to hide. Yet by THY Grace didst THOU answer me when at last I was made to awaken. THOU hast since cleansed me and as a bride THOU hast me taken. May it be that I stay worthy and make it to the wedding.

O my soul, HEARKEN unto HIS Voice that thou mayest stand and not again be shaken!!! HE hath gone forth in HIS Wrath and is in HIS PRESS the enemies treading. Be thou humble, o my soul, and avoid over this world fretting. Hold on tighter to the Hem of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S Garment and do nothing worthy of regretting. Lose not thy faith but instead be found in HIS NAME trusting. The slaughter is before HIM and HIS Sword is HE whetting. HIS Raiment shall HE stain by their blood shedding. Be not found guilty at all, o my soul, of any wicked coveting. Instead let thy heart be purified and in YAHUSHUA abiding.

Thank YOU, O YAHUVEH MOST HIGH, for hearing this meditation of mine heart. Be THOU exalted and honored! May it be that I always give THEE due reverence. May it be that THOU art extolled! May it not be that I am unto THEE any grievance. In THINE Only Begotten SON’S NAME, YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, I pray, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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